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Wisconsin ghosts, hauntings, lake monsters and more UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report by Noah Voss
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The Legend Trippers Journal

Cry Baby Bridge




Last night brought a huge first for the legend trippers. We actually found a Motel that was just to far gone beyond gross for even our battle hardened spirits. Well some of our spirits. Now, to give some scope on how bad this room was, let me try to paint a vivid picture of rooms we have enjoyed over the last decade plus. We have stayed in rooms stained with blood, doors that even when closed allowed you to see half way across the hall underneath, documented scenes of death and murder, those that had not seen renovations since they opened in 1959, motels found in neighborhoods with more crime than not, and for certain ones where the general creepy feeling was probably us being recorded while we slept. Typically this is par per course and only adds to the adventure atmosphere, however usually we also have the added benefit of saving enough Scotch money for the trip. In all fairness it was probably more the pricey tag of $69 dollars for a room the state would shut down, verses a $59 room at the local chain. Having no other motel options (a sad state of reality to be sure), we settled for saving ten bucks.


But to today. The snow is deep, the air is cold. The sky gray and the mood full of potential. We find ourselves again somewhere in Illinois, looking for lost spirits that reportedly make themselves known in the form of a baby's cry cutting the dead silence. Chad I'll sleep anywhere Lewis regular presenter and lecturer throughout Illinois on all things unexplained, Kevin Lee Nelson, and of course myself, Noah Voss. Kevin is at the wheel today, plowing our beloved 'mystery machine' through drifts of snow several feet high, and down roads where the sturdiest of trucks would hesitate...and we are not in the sturdiest of trucks.

At the moment I'm quickly jotting down notes on the many legends we have explored on this adventure, between flipping through our trusty road atlas with Chad trying to navigate. We are looking for the source, or rather the location where this sad disembodied baby, cry's in the night. The 15+ inches of snow that fell only a few days prior has closed many a thing across the state, including a few roads we think we need to reach Cry Baby Bridge.


No worries, as this doesn't slow our step but rather quicken our interest. The thought of ditching the vehicle and having to hike through a few feet of snow, maybe a few miles, down a closed road is just what day was missing. We navigate ourselves to where we feel is closest we can get with the vehicle. Leaving her alongside the road, we gear up and pile out. Hopefully the vehicle will still be there and working when or if we return as it is a few miles to the nearest house, and a few more miles to town.


We work our way up plow snow banks five feet tall, and head down a snow hidden road. Flanked closely by woods on either side, the road blends into its surroundings eerily well. It is worth mentioning on how easy it would be to loose your way if venturing to far from the road. Ghost Hunter Noah Voss approaching Cry Baby Bridge


Eventually we wind down a twisting road, cut into a small bluff.  An ice covered river is disguised well in the woods, but the valley and lack of trees is a dead giveaway  ̶  we are nearing the river, and inevitably the bridge crossing it.

Rounding the final bend reveals the steel support beams holding the haunted bridge above the icy waters.  We all stop with out anyone saying a word.

Noah Voss investigating haunted cry baby bridge

Unfortunately there is nothing out of the ordinary for our pause. Our experience has taught us to take things in whenever possible. See if there aren't any clues visible far out when taking in the whole picture, that might disappear when closer.  We see, and hear nothing particular beyond the typical Wisconsin woods having trees rubbing together in the winter wind.  The high pitch squeak could perhaps be attributed by some to the cry of a baby who's mind was excited by the possibility of what if, and clouded by fear.  One might not hear trees singing, but rather a baby's cry.  We move closer, commenting on how it looks to be almost a one lane bridge as it is quite narrow.  That does help date the bridge in the most general of terms.  The support steel is covered in spray paint.  To be sure as most out of the way locations, that happen to have a legend tied to them, become hangouts for the local teens who often have more thoughts and time than they know what to do with either.


We shoot some video, take some photos and simply and silently observe our surroundings.  Then wishing and wanting, even being objectivity open to the possibility of anything...nothing happens.

Haunted cry baby bridge investigated by Noah Voss
Maybe slightly disappointed, but not surprised we pack up and begin our hike back out.  With the uphill hike our legs burn as much as our lungs from the less than warm winter air.

Back on the road looking forward to the next adventure we have the Mysterious Fires of Macomb where hundreds of fires unexplainably sprung to life in front of hundreds of witnesses in 1948, the most unexpectedly nice museum giving some phenomenal visual aids to the mysterious mound builders of the Planes, the usual Bigfoot sightings, the not so usual vampire sighting, the even less usual piranha, and even some lost gold that unfortunately remained lost.


This winter legend trip drew into sharp focus how embracing the environment, and the sometimes less than desired seasons and weather it can bring, only gifts the true adventurer a greater appreciation of simply everything.

Until next time, remember, adventures come to the adventuresome!

Noah Voss (Bio)


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