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The Legend Trippers Journal

The Bridgewater Triangle




I may have bitten off more than I could chew.  Between my high expectations for this area and the vast size, I was putting myself in front of a big endeavor.  As usual far too little resources were available, namely time.  I hit the road as soon as I could.  Leaving my hotel in the late afternoon meant another dinner on the road, followed by large quantities of caffeine.  Knowing me there is usually a second dinner in there too.  When your days are 20 hours long, you tend to need the extra fuel to keep yourself running.


I had done my homework before tonight and was looking forward to all the Bridgewater Triangle had to throw at me.  Everything.  No, really.  This area in the south eastern portion of Massachusetts has been home to Bigfoot sightings, giant serpents, black panthers, Indian curses, ghosts, cult ritualistic practices, hauntings, unexplained murders, very unexplained suicides, even ancient and unknown remains of a civilization that may still hold evidence that will require our history books to be re-written. So yeah, I was pretty excited to see how the night would play out.  Right off the bat I had trouble getting in contact with the curator of the Dighton Rock museum that was going to educate me on the ancient relics found in the area.  Even if I wasn’t going to be able to learn more about the Dighton Rock discovery I could take comfort in spending time in the land of the Wampanoag.  If that isn’t familiar perhaps you might recognize their more famous member Squanto.  He may have been the only thing that saved the last 20 some pilgrims from their second year of dwindling numbers.  Of course as I always say, time is a limited resource and residential expert Chris of Massachusetts Paranormal Crossroads had a scheduling conflict at the last minute.  I was once again, on my own. 


No big deal, I had a list of places that I wanted to be sure to make time for.  There were many to choose from in an area covering 200 square miles.  First on my drive, geographically speaking, was Hockomock Swamp.  It looked quite large on my atlas, but alas it seemed that urban development made it less marshy and more neighborhood than in days past.  The indigenous people in the area had named this 6,000 acre area Hockomock.  Reportedly meaning “place where spirits dwell.”  Cool right?  Despite its size it did take some extra driving to find some rural surroundings.  Once wet wilderness was found I could easily imagine running into a skunk ape, or mysterious glowing orbs of light.   I didn’t experience them but others have reported just those things here.  Back in the truck and down the road I pass a cemetery that I have to check out.  It is perfectly nestled in the woods on three sides.  The cemetery backs up to the swamp in the rear and is minutely discrete.  I park down the street in an unfinished road, hoping to remain discrete myself.  Walking back down the narrow road I notice the cemetery is anything but recent.  I walk through admiring the stones some more than one hundred years old.  I am watched by nervous neighbors notifying each other to my mysterious presence.  It is times such as these it helps to have a large professional video camera on your shoulder coupled with a photographer’s coat.  Costumes or in some cases my natural wardrobe has kept me from being hassled more times than I can count, I’m sure of it.  No mysterious orbs or creatures make themselves known to me but not for the lack of my creating opportunities for them to. 



Back on the road again in this whirlwind legend trip my next stop is just outside the small town of Norton.  It was here in 1992 that Norton Police Sargent Downy watched a creature swoop through a clearing much like the one now in front of me.  He reported the large bird had a wingspan of 10-12 feet.  These thunderbird sightings have been reported here in recent times as far back as 1971 and rumored to have been well known by the natives of this land for centuries.  Eventually I made my way down a road that had numerous reports of UFOs and black helicopters starting in 2002.  Of course local researchers have turned up UFO reports dating back as far as 1760.  In 1979 two professionals from WHDH local news station reported witnessing a UFO oozing a green substance and in 1997 a Bridgewater officer reported watching a UFO make unbelievable moves in the night sky.  “Oozing UFOs,” that’s bad-ass!  I will be keeping my eyes on the sky as often as possible I thought to myself.  It had gone from day to dark by this time and I was off to find dinner inside The Bridgewater Triangle.       


That wasn’t hard to do since the triangle encompasses entire towns.  No new leads found with dinner, just a quick bite to eat.  It was interesting to see the normal, unassuming east coast towns in the middle of what paranormal researchers consider a hot spot of unexplained activity.  The towns on the surface appeared to be much like any other.  The only eerie observation I could make was how quick one could lose site of the town walking in any direction due to the thick forests providing deep cover on all sides. 

Image: Author Noah Voss explores the unknown.

Noah Voss explores the Bridgewater Triangle

 I wonder if there is anything more sinister or at least unusual to any of these places if one had the time to dig deeper.  I didn’t have time to stay and interview people tonight though.  I still had another hours drive in the opposite direction of my hotel.  That would land me in the southernmost part of The Bridgewater Triangle.    


This final destination brings me to what I’m warned is the most dangerous area of my adventure. Numerous mysterious suicides, unexplained murders, and even a few that have cult overtones so say the police.  Of course there are the countless ghost stories, and Bigfoot sightings but lets sadly look at the suicides for a moment.  The mysterious part comes into play when researchers looked at the cases and noted three unusual variables associated with each.  The first was the people that were not alone at the time of there demise.  Another was the people who had no history of mental illness.  The final unusual characteristic was that the people were thought by all who knew them to be well adjusted, and generally happy.  I’m told of one popular hiking trail that leads near a cliff.  Known as simply “the ledge” to locals, it is a popular area for outdoorsman and hangout for kids.  It also has garnered notoriety as a regular suicide point. 


I thought it would be a good experiment to find the cliff and stand on the edge.  See if I walked back or flew.  Maybe it was lucky for me that I wasn’t able to reach said cliff.  The state parks were locked up tight and an expedition like that would require specialty gear I wasn’t able to pack or at least a trusted tour guide.  I say trusted tour guide because, well here is just one fun factoid I turned up about the forests now surrounding me.  This one was on, “Another gruesome discovery by Freetown police, following the report by the victim of a previous sexual assault at the site, was an underground bunker otherwise hidden from view. Upon investigation police found a number of strange objects, including small chairs with belts or restraints, seemingly made for children.”  Another intriguing note I found during my research before hand was murderous. 


Supposedly more than a dozen murders took place between 1979 and 1988 in these same forests I now stand.    That’s not all this places history has to offer.  Reports of mutilated cattle and goats circulate through these woods with explanations of a Native American curse over 300 years old to modern day sacrificing Satanist cults.  I have not applied the time nor money to verify these factoids.  With all the dangerous history, the way I figure it at this point, walking into the unknown alone may be safer than walking in announced and with a stranger.  Parking in a few different pull offs from the country side roads I was able to take a few short hikes under the moon.  The woods were extremely dense and full of the normal creatures one might expect.  Nothing I wouldn’t have. 


Driving back out from the middle of nowhere I wrestled with to stop or not to stop at a local police station.  Not looking to turn myself in for anything mind you.  There was one police station on my drive back that was reportedly haunted.  On top of that I’d heard that some of the police officers were receptive to speaking about it.  This would be a great way to get some leads and the inside scoop on many of the legends I had been researching too.  It had been a long day and there were still so many other things I could be stopping to check out.  I resigned that next time I would make it to some of the places skipped.  I had a nearly four hour drive back to the hotel and of course a full day of work behind and in front of me both. 


I keep my eyes on the sky nearly as much as the road the rest of the drive.  I’m watching for anything out of the ordinary that might just be commonplace for The Bridgewater Triangle.  Stopping one last time at a gas station to fuel and caffeine up; I’m back on the road hoping I get the chance to revisit The Bridgewater Triangle again soon.


Until next time, remember, adventures come to the adventuresome!


Noah Voss (Bio)

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