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Welcome to The W-Files

The has been compiling and categorizing Wisconsin paranormal happenings for several decades.  Ghosts, UFO sightings, Bigfoot news, Alien abduction claims, rumored werewolves, haunted houses and more!  We have been placing them on this web site for the world to use since 1997 with the aim of aiding to further their understanding, research and investigation of Wisconsin area anomalies.  Most people visiting are looking for the complete list of Wisconsin Oddities (currently around 200 reports archived) or the smaller list of Ghostly Reports (currently around 100 reports archived), enjoy both!


Wisconsin Related Oddities




Wisconsin Oddities

(200 reports archived)

Ghostly Reports

(100 reports archived)

~Newly Reported~

Town, Lake, Road, Woods, Pond, City, wherever....


General Anomaly, Ghost, Monster, Legend, Alien...

Granton Bigfoot sighting in Granton March 28, 2000
Menasha June 16, 2004 Ghosts, physical attacks, and levitation!
Lake Koshonong The Lake Koshkonong Monster 1982
Viroqua March 3, 2004 Viroquas' Haunted House
Madison Downtown Madison Ghosts March 15, 2004
Eastern Wisconsin 1881 Angel Hair Falling?
Stevens Point UFO Sighting in Stevens Point April 23, 2008
Cady Haunted Woods and Crying Children April 18, 2004
Monroe 1976 Alligators in Monroe, weird, not so paranormal
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Madison Madison Lake Monsters 1800s
Port Washington Crop circle in Port Washington July 10, 1998
Unknown Location, Wisconsin 1995 Angels Are Waiting For You?
St. Nazianz May 25, 2004 St. Nazianz Haunted History
Rhinelander The legend of the Rhinelander Hodag 1800-1900s
Unknown Location, Wisconsin A possible alien abduction 1981
Lake Michigan Strange disappearance on Lake Michigan A paranormal connection? April 28, 1937
Unknown Location, Wisconsin 1960s? The Boobooshaw Monster
Throughout Wisconsin 1984 Wisconsin's Unusual and Paranormal History
Madison 1960s

The Witches Of Picnic Point

Arena 1981 "Strange Beeps"
Unknown Location, Wisconsin 10,000 years ago? The Indians' Alien

Check out the new interactive state map of Wisconsin oddities!


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The has not verified the validity of every report published within the  All reports are added to the database 'as is' received.  The reports posted have many possible explanations, including but not restricted to known natural earthly phenomena, misidentifications, hoaxes etc.  We leave it up to the individual viewer to judge the report based upon the content of the report itself.  As investigations occur, that information will be notated on the individual report.

Additional Notes

 Prepare yourself; here comes the legal mumbo jumbo that we have been pressed into posting by our legal representatives and by experiences gone through from being in business. Enterprises.  All rights reserved.  All materials submitted will become the sole property of Enterprises, and shall constitute a grant to Enterprises to use name, likeness and story of person submitting the same for any and all purposes.  All materials, including but not limited to articles, reports and photos published by Enterprises or subsidiary endeavors are the property of Enterprises and cannot be used without permission in writing.  We assume no responsibility for returning unsolicited material, including but not limited to photographs, artwork, manuscripts and letters. If you find a story or experience that you would like to use on your website, feel free, all we require is an active hyper link back to "" to be included where ever our content appears on your site!  Permissions can be rescinded by at any time, for any reason.


The has been compiling and categorizing Wisconsin paranormal happenings for several decades.  Ghost reports, UFO sightings, Bigfoot news, Alien abduction claims, rumored werewolves, haunted houses and more!
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