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Noah Voss



Noah Voss founded The Paranormal Investigating Researchers Organization in the 1990s after more than a decade of researching all things paranormal.  Beyond the usual reading every paranormal book he could find, Noah Voss attended lectures around the Midwest from authors, renowned experts, and investigators with actual accredited College Parapsychological Degrees.  Learning from experts with decades of experiences in the field, Mr. Voss began visiting locations rich in unexplained reports with a new perspective and new equipment.  Taking his first EVP in 1987 at a reportedly haunted home, he gained more experience and age while continuing his exploration of applying scientific equipment to his paranormal travels.  This led Mr. Voss to launch the first in the world, online ghost hunting store.  He and his network of experts now approach each investigation with the goal of adding quantifiable data to the puzzle that is the paranormal.  Through this approach many individuals and families have been given a new perspective of their own unexplained experiences. 

Noah Voss may be best known for advancing the use of scientific equipment during investigations into reports of the paranormal.  Through, he was first in the world to exclusively offer paranormal investigating equipment for sale in an online store.  Noah keeps busy running his numerous websites such as online since 1997, and with over 1,000 UFO reports archived!

Beyond publishing over 4,000 paranormal web pages, Noah authored UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report in 2008 detailing over 100 reports of UFOs in a non-fiction, Wisconsin based book published by Unexplained Research Publishing Company.  In 2011 Noah authored Mysterious Madison – Unsolved Crimes, Strange Creatures & Bizarre Happenstance published by The History Press.  Noah has worked with such companies as the History Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, The National Geographic Channel, The CW Network, Triage Entertainment, and Lions Gate Films on projects ranging from UFO documentaries to ABC’s Scariest Places on Earth.  Noah has appeared in print, on radio, or through televisions in over 40 countries.  Mr. Voss has had the opportunity to turn down offers to appear on William Shatner’s Weird or What on the Discovery Channel, and Ancient Aliens on The National Geographic Channel. 

Traveling through most all states in America, along the way; researching ghostly St. Augustine Florida, investigating the mysterious Winchester Mansion in California, going for the gone at The Bennington Black Hole in Vermont, haunted highways in Hawaii, looking for Bessie in Lake Erie, trying to get lost in The Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts, scanning for flying saucers on the summit of Mt. Saint Helens, werewolves in Wisconsin, ghosts of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay, the Historic Bullock Hotel of wild-west Deadwood, the mystery Paulding Lights of Michigan, looking for what went wrong in Salem Massachusetts, prying for Pepie in Lake Pepin on the Mississippi, flying through the Bermuda Triangle, Voodoo in Jamaica, UFOs in Mexico, and searching for Sasquatch in British Columbia. 


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Noah Voss Founder Enterprises with over 4,000 pages published and growing.  Here is just a sample of some of our work so far! 

Here at we are continually improving our quality online paranormal headquarters.  We are very proud of the fact we've been in business, offering these great deals for over SEVEN years now.  By constantly searching the world, Noah and the team at will strive to have the latest products that can be applied to ALL paranormal fields, gaining quality insight on your own research and investigations.  Even though the URL and company name are we challenge ourselves to specialize in many if not all facets of any paranormal field.  Whether you prefer devoting your time to UFO research and investigation, cryptozoology, demonology, cereology, are a practicing Wiccan or interested in feng shui and anything in between we are striving to build the best available resource for your interests.  On top of that by utilizing our wholesale direct relationships, we are able to offer one of the most exciting selections of products that you'll find on the Internet... all at great prices!





The Posting the paranormal since 1997!  Here again our company's geographical location allows us to economically research and investigate the area surrounding our headquarters in Wisconsin.  At The we have been compiling and categorizing paranormal happenings for several decades now.  We have been placing them on the for the world to use hopefully as an aid to further their understanding, research and investigation of Wisconsin area anomalies since 1997.  Now home to the ever popular The Legend Trippers Journal, where you can read about the adventures had by the crew from as they explore the world! Enterprises is currently headquartered out of the United States of America in the state of Wisconsin. has two goals: to further the awareness of the UFO phenomenon and to track the UFOs in the Wisconsin skies.  At, you can report a UFO with our easy online UFO reporting form, view our free UFO reports database of over 1,000 reports (both recent and archived UFO reports), get the latest on UFO news, see UFO pictures & videos, find local UFO groups and hangouts, learn about UFO's in Wisconsin, and more, all in one place!  Founder of Noah Voss is also the acting Director of UFOwisconsin and author of the book "UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report."




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The has been compiling and categorizing Wisconsin paranormal happenings for several decades.  Ghost reports, UFO sightings, Bigfoot news, Alien abduction claims, rumored werewolves, haunted houses and more! 

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