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The Legend Trippers Journal

Bachelors Grove Cemetery





It’s 1990 something and I’m driving through neighborhood after neighborhood.  Chicago spreads out a bit for those who’ve never been.  Dotted with very well-to-do homes, rolling forests crammed between rows of apartments filled with people who are not as well-to-do as some others are.  This legend trip is taking me and my navigator to one of those dense groves of trees spread over uneven ground.  Bachelors Grove Cemetery at this time had reports of nearly nightly glowing lights and unexplained sounds.  Voices were continually reported, even moving earth in the cemetery itself.  It wasn’t too long ago that it was reported in the local paper how someone had been digging up graves.  The evidence of this was still present.  After all we are basically in Chicago so, most anything is possible and expected.


Before we can find the correct dot of forest we need to find the correct town.  Easier said than done.  See suburbs don’t really have a defined boarder between towns around here.  Pass by one strip mall through a stoplight by a bank and all of a sudden you are in a new town.  Nothing changed but the name “Bank of” insert town.  That is about as specific the directions to Bachelors Grove Cemetery used to be.  In the town of, find this park by a big cell phone tower.  Ahh the good old days.


Thankfully I had at least found what road the park was off of.  Turns out it was a large park however.  Many turn around later through suburban neighborhoods we end in a wide open parking lot in a wide open green park.  Grabbing some equipment from the car we leapfrog across a busy highway on our feet and duck quickly into the woods. 


You see back a decade ago, well it’s been even longer now, things were different in the paranormal field.  Not only did not everyone have an interest but this is back when you got that weird look from people if they found out about your paranormal interests.  Used to not-so-warm welcomes we had slipping into town under the radar and back out the same way down to a science.  Back to the woods, we are walking towards that “cell phone tower” the directions reference.  There is a small road that is used to service the tower, overgrown in grass it really is more of trail.  We follow it pass the tower. 


Now I’m not saying we trespassed, that would be silly to say, even worse to write.  But if there were no-trespassing signs we didn’t see them.  Further down the path and we can only assume we are on the correct trail to the cemetery.  It has a well established reputation in the paranormal field at this time as one of the most haunted cemetery in the country.  We had high hopes for something unexplainable to happen, assuming we could find it.

We didn’t have to wait long.  As the woods grew darker, the trail narrowed to a foot path, we could see the unmistakable signs of a graveyard.  A failing and vine covered fence, strewn behind with the silhouettes of various upright stones.  We have arrived.  We both walk towards the classic arch entryway stating the name of the cemetery. 


We document things as we go with 35mm photographs.  Back then we seemed to put more effort into the scientific approach.  Pouring our resources into a multitude of meters, cameras with four lenses, even infrared film in some.  We take readings with the meters, and lots of pictures.  Paranormal Investigator Noah Voss at haunted location

Image: Paranormal Investigator Noah 'Winchester' Voss investigates reports of paranormal phenomena

Documenting on paper the cemetery as a whole along with minute details such as coins left on some stones (a dime, a nickel and two pennies), beer bottles in this tree, 40oz bottle in that one and so on.  We were fairly thorough.  It paid off though, several of the photographs taken turned up some fantastic orbs, and flairs.  The same that some groups today claim are ghosts or inter-dimensional portals opening and so on.  Our documentation revealed that they were coins, more specifically the dime and nickel for the orbs.  The classic inter-dimensional portal or more traditional gateway to hell, simple a reflective beer bottle in the not so traditional place.  Not to sound like a debunker, because I consider myself an open minded skeptic, we did get a few photographs with the four lens camera that turned up intriguing data.  One frame of four on a single exposure 35mm negative revealed a washed out blue.  Another single exposure seemed to show a fog or mist in motion through all four frames.  Though it was humid.


Indeed there is a small stagnant pond a stones throw from the cemetery.  Loosing much of its spooky appeal just beyond the pond is a fairly busy road.          


Moving from the cemetery and more importantly the busy road we head deeper into the forest.  Finding some old structural remains only energizes the search for something unexplainable.  We arrived in the daylight but as the time passes and the forest grows denser, it continues to darken. 




There are more stories coming out of the woods then can fit here.  We listen for phantom horses, watch for drowning farmers, and hope to be contacted from some greater entity from the great beyond.  As I recall now, nothing but a slight smell of smoke in the air that’s not from cigarettes.  Knowing how things are in our reality, we stick to our science of staying unseen and unnoticed.  We head back out through the cemetery and quickly reach the car.  Back on the road we’ve got a four hour drive back to home and a lot of data to sift through in the following weeks.  We had been hearing about Bachelors Grove Cemetery for at least a decade.  It was worth the trip to see if we couldn’t be the next adventurers with the next story.  Nothing more to report other than another legend trip success. 


Until next time, remember, adventures come to the adventuresome!


Noah Voss (Bio)

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