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W-File: ul_boobooshaw.html

Type: Urban Legend
Location: Port Washington, Washington

A Legend In Port Washington, Wisconsin?

By John Scherf

When I was a very young boy visiting or staying with my cousins in Port Washington in the late 1960s and early 1970s, there a was a rumor about a black skeletal like creature figure that lurked around the westside and the mid area of Port Washington. The name of this creature was pronounced "Boobooshaw." I am not sure how correctly it is spelled and not sure if this is an Indian name or what. But we had a neighbor up there who now passed on who used to tell us kids to stay out of her back yard or the boobooshaw is going to get you!

I thought this was a ploy to scare little boys and girls who don't behave. I had a boss who lived near Port Washington and in the mid 1980s the word "boobooshaw" came up in the conversation. He said, his dog would go nuts at night barking at something in the backyard. If I can recall, he said his dog would never bark at night animals or kids coming by. My cousins don't live in Port Washington anymore. But we do talk about this creature that would sneak around at night.

I was told from someone they also heard about this "boobooshaw" creature spotted in Janesville, Wi. Rockford, Il. and Marshfield, Wi.

If anybody has further information, please contact Director @ W-Files .com. I would like to do further research on this subject.