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W-File: gh2004_0003_Viroqua

Type: No investigation data available at this time.
Date: March 3, 2004
Location: Viroqua, Wisconsin

Source: The Online Reporting Form


Details: The following ghost report comes in from a thirty year old professional who lives in Viroqua in Vernon Co. 


There are unexplainable odors, ghostly cold or hot spots, unexplainable plumbing or electrical problems, pets who are affected, and ghostly interactions.  He has mentioned the possibility of an investigation in his home, so watch for updates.  Here is the story in his own words:

 “My  Wife and I had decided to relocate to small town America. With in a month of making the decision we had new jobs, sold our previous house and bought another. Everything seemed to be coming together quite well. The house we bought was originally built in the 1870’s (per the previous owner). They had dry walled and reinsulated some of the house and had found news paper in the walls for insulation from the 1870’s. It was an odd house design wise. We referred to it as the Dr. Seuss house because of the way it was built. Originally it appears to have been a 1 and a half story brick farm house with two bedrooms. Later they built an addition on the back in the 1920’s (people wrote 1920 in the wet cement in the basement). Another addition was added in 1994 off of what was probably the original living room. (we’ve found where a door was dry walled over) but now is sort of a play room walk through room to the 1994 bedroom additions. Once we moved in I began to get some really nasty headaches. The funny thing was that they only started when I arrived home from work.  At first I thought it may be mold so we had someone out to look and they said the mold was not to bad and should not be the cause. Just to be safe I painted the entire basement and added some sort of mold stop product just in case.  My headaches did not stop. I deep cleaned the carpets and that did not do the trick. After we were in the house for three months they came to an end. I’m not sure that they have anything to do with what follows but….Later that summer while coming home from work. I entered our porch and could smell cigar smoke.  I thought that maybe someone had just walked outside smoking. It was a windy day, but I still decided to go out and look, and saw nothing. 

I came back in and again noticed the smell and it seemed to be in our living room. I went into the kitchen wondering if my wife had burned anything but nothing was cooking and she was out in the back playing with the kids. I wrote it off as just my imagination. A few months later while my family was out of town I came down from upstairs to notice a faint perfume smell as I got near the last few steps.  After I stepped down to the floor I noticed a cigar smell again. Being that it was a hot Aug the air conditioning was on and the house was closed to the out side and since I was getting a little freaked out I shut off the air and went to open the windows,but I noticed the cigar and perfume smell was gone.  I walked back to the stairs and walked up and down them to see if I noticed the smell but it was gone. Upon thinking about the incident I now can recall many times that I think I’ve seen my wife out of the corner of my eye and followed her to ask her something only to find her all the way on the other side of the house. My children also are scared to spend any night time by them selves. Up until now I’ve sort of wrote it off as age appropriate monster / fear of the dark. But even I have times when I’m in the older part of the house and I get a uneasy feeling. Many times I’ve thought about going to the town historical society and looking up the history of  who owned the house and hope to find some personal info like if they smoked cigars but I’ve never been real proactive about scheduling it or giving my self the time to do so.  I’ve watched a few ghost shows where they use some digital recorder to record things, and I’ve thought I could use the voice recorder in my MP3 player but, I’m just to afraid that I’d find something. We are now building and are putting the house up for sale. So maybe before we move I’ll give it a try..”

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