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W-File: ab1998milab-heidi.html

Type: Military Abduction
Date: May 1998
Location: Milwaukee

Source: Cafth Speaks Web Site


Note: This is Heidi's second military abduction. Heidi's first military abduction is documented in
W-File: ab1995milab-heidi.html. - Jim

Military Abductions (Part 2)

By Heidi Hollis

None of this is to be taken lightly. Everything I disclose here is an accurate account of what took place in my life concerning our government. For those of you that may doubt this sort of thing happening to people, I really don't know what to say.

People all over are relaying the same stories as I have concerning this military abduction phenomena. What could that be then? I'd think people would have better things to do and "dream" about, then being taken by military men.

I hope this helps shed some light out there, people just have to wake up to see if this is really the land of the free. We might just be free and easy pickings for our government goofs out there.

It was May of 1998, when I found myself in the middle of the night standing in line in what appeared to be the same military facility as before. I was standing with my head lobbed forward, unable to control it properly, due to some type of debilitating state I was placed in. I somehow managed to maneuver my eyes ever so slightly so I was able to see in front and behind me to witness seeing others standing there in a line with me. All were in their pajamas as I was, but I appeared to be the only one with my eyes open.

I seemed to be in some kind of long hallway, and there were camoflauged guys walking up and down the hallway with rifles at their sides. I glared at them in disgust as they meandered by, seemingly unaware that one of their abductees was awake.

Then as if on auto-pilot, I automatically shuffled forward when the line permitted me room to do so. I couldn't believe how my feet just moved on their own like that without my controlling them, and I admit it truly ticked me off that these same guys had done this to me again in taking me here. I stood fully awake in this pretty long line of folk in their jammies, for what seemed like an hour and half or more so my temper was just brewing.

I later found myself fully able to move about once I walked over this threshold and into this doorway of an old wooden floored gymnasium, common stock for an old military facility. Soon after passing over that threshold I was out of the gate, running and quite angry. I mean this whole while I was fully aware, thinking and waiting to get my chance to vent on my unsuspecting captors.

I remember being so enraged and thinking loudly in my head as I stood all that while in that line, "These freak'n @#!%*^ have brought me here again! They have got their nerve!"

Inside the gymnasium there were tables lined up end-to-end, along one side of the gym and people ahead of me were moving on down to the next table like clock-work. There were men behind each of these tables looking much like the one that questioned me before, wearing a white shirt and navy blue tie. It now makes me think if an Air Force guy takes off his Navy blue, decorative jacket, you are left with the tie and shirt to match. So I'm guessing these were Air Force folks just doing some community service that no one knows about. It was obvious that they were divulging information from the people as they moved on down the line, herded like cattle.

From what I saw, everyone moved along pleasantly answering what was asked of them. But I guess I just wasn't having it, and let them have it instead.

I believe I headed to that first table and started off in saying something like, &quotWhat do you want this time? I'm trying to get some sleep for once and here you come again! I'm getting really sick of this game of yours! What, you want to know where the aliens are? Well, I'm not telling you." Perhaps some profanity may have come their way in the midst of it all too, I'm almost certain.

All I know is at this point in some way, I still wasn't completely aware of exactly where I was and that this was a real event going on. In my mind's eye, as I was literally shaking my finger at this navy blue tied fella and reading him the riot act, I felt pretty aware of all things around me. But it wasn't until an unsuspecting guy in a green camouflage uniform with rifle and all, came my way, before I found my true calling.

The pajama bottoms I happened to be wearing, were extremely large and baggy on me. So whenever I took a step, they slipped a bit at times. I didn't mind them since I only slept in them. But in taking a stroll through some military installment, the slipping took its toll.

Well one of the camouflaged and armed guys that walked back in forth in the gymnasium, took note of these beloved pants slipping down on me. He probably thought he was doing a good deed in doing me a favor by reaching behind me with one hand and tugging my pants up for me. But while he was doing this I was busy telling the guy behind the table a thing or two when, "WHAP!" I whaled on this uniformed guy's arm for touching me!

It happened so quickly I surprised myself more so then the guy. I froze then, and just stared at the guy and said, "Oh my God! Not again! Where am I?"

I started to back into a corner of the gym, and several of the military guys closed in on me slowly as if to calm me saying I wouldn't recall anything, it was all a bad dream. Then "WHOMP," I was out again, or the end of the so-called dream.

I only recall these two incidences of being taken in the night by military folk. But it's really an unnerving thought knowing that even people are doing such atrocities to other people. The one connecting thought that I had about all this (as I mentioned in the previous issue), is that apparently the military had a similar technology to some aliens (most likely Grays) that I was able to awaken when either of them came near me.

Almost like some silent alarm would go off in my head, and I would wake up with my captors unable to control me. Whether alien or human, I could always see the puzzlement and sometimes fear in their eyes that I was able to snap out of it like that.

Either way, I'm glad that they get surprises every once and awhile too. Because they sure seem to be getting the upper hand once too often with a lot of people. So if I can cause them to scratch their heads, hopefully it will help them realize that the human spirit is bit more stronger then any kind of technology they have. If it can be made, it can be broken too. And I tell ya, I'm not one to go out quietly when it comes to injustices.

They started it, now it's time to end it! Don't you think?

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