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W-File: ab1995milab-heidi.html

Type: Military Abduction
Date: 1995
Location: Milwaukee

Source: Cafth Speaks Web Site

Military Abductions

By Heidi Hollis

Many of you familiar with those that have had alien contact or even abductions, sometimes also are met with an even more invasive form of intrusion from our very own beloved government.

If this is something that truly does occur, one might think, "Aw, our government is so thoughtful to go out of their way to see how the person who has had alien contact is doing."

I wish thoughtfulness was a part of it, but quite the opposite.

The military abductions indeed are quite real and there is nothing pleasant about them. Most people that recall having these types of intrusions don't always recall how they got to suddenly being in the grips of these covert operators. But there are some common things that occur to most people that have had these sorts of contacts:

  1. Being questioned about the alien contact they have.
  2. Being asked what the aliens have shown them.
  3. Questioned about the alien's technology, and whether they know how to operate their ships.
  4. Being threatened harm if the person doesn't co-operate.
  5. Being surrounded by men in full camouflage and/or uniform.
  6. Being on a military base of some sort, underground even.
These are the main things that I've come across that people generally relate about their military abduction experiences. I've had quite an interest in this topic for a huge reason, because I too have been the victim of this kind of "bull." I don't care to be nice about it either, because it is what it is. If something looks like garbage, smells like garbage, then honey, it is trash!

I have had a lot of run-ins with different kinds of beings, many of which (besides those like Cafth) that have tried to just scare the crap out of me too. I haven't had the experimenting type aliens grab a hold of me where they have been able to harm me, impregnate me or anything close to that. In fact whenever they have come near to me, I've been able to wake up and send them on their way.

Now then, the military folks come along and they seem to have some similar technology where they are able to get me out of my bed at night and take me to some military facility. I say it must be a similar technology because, I've also been able to wake up when in their presence also. Perhaps some evidence of their borrowing of technology.

I don't recall how I get to where I end up, but only that once there, I was awake. I'll relate one of my experiences here just to give you a taste of what it's like:

I lived alone at the time, the year was 1995. I went to bed like any other night, I wasn't really fully aware of all of my connections to this UFO business so I wasn't particularly heightened to feel that something was awry that evening. I don't know if it would have been possible to have seen this one coming either way.

So I hit the sack, and before I knew it, I'm sitting in a chair. I start to open my eyes because I'm wondering what's going on that I'm now suddenly sitting upright. Then my vision clears to see that I'm in a room of some sort with pukey-green bordering and off-white paint over cement-block walls, with windows leading out to a hall-way.

I kind of recognize this place as being like the many military facilities I'd been to with my dad, since he was practically a lifer in the Air Force and Army. My eyes search this putrid place, when my ears pick up this sound.

I look towards this sound to a gray colored, metallic desk right in front of me. There's a man standing behind it, who's wearing a white shirt and a navy blue tie. It looked as if he'd taken off his jacket that I'm sure matched his tie of a deep Air Force blue uniform.

This man looked angry and was slamming his fist down on the desk screaming, "You have to help us find them! You gotta tell us where they're at!!!"

I then straightened up in my chair, and looked up at the screaming man. I then felt like someone was to my immediate right, so I turned to look that way to see another man in full camouflage, with a huge rifle hanging to his side.

I turned my attention back to this man that was demanding something of me, but I wasn't afraid, more puzzled as to what in the heck was going on. I saw I was still in my pajamas, and that disturbed me enough.

I then told the man, "Help you find who? Where in the hell am I?"

Then I hear to me right, "Oh, she's waking up."

Then I was out again.

I don't recall anything else happening from this supposed dream of mine. But I do know this:
  1. If I have a disturbing "dream," I can wake myself up from them at will. I didn't wake up from this one
  2. I don't dream of being in my pajamas ever, unless it's been one of these "dreams."
  3. I DON'T dream about men in military installments, with rifles and camouflage, demanding I tell them where aliens are! (I felt that's what they wanted to know, but I wasn't about to help them out)
If we, meaning us "crazy folks" that are into this UFO stuff, are whacked outta our minds and don't know what we are talking about, then why bug us? They sure are putting a lot of effort into interrogating us and making sure we don't recall full details about it. Your tax dollars hard at work here.

I'm thinking our government doesn't have all the answers they'd like, for certain. Perhaps they are not fully trusting of the alien guys they are working with, and want to make sure of their activities. Try and make spies of people like me, well, they've got the wrong person.

For one, I don't deal with aliens that deal with them, perhaps that's what they wanted to know, "where the beings were that I worked with."

Oh well, better luck next time, and there was a next time, but still no luck for them. I'm not trying to be a smart-*ss about it either, just speaking the facts. This stuff really ticks me off, because at least I can tell if an alien is a friend or not, but to have someone of supposedly your own species intrude on you, that goes just a bit too far!!!

Note: Heidi's second military abduction is documented in W-File: ab1998milab-heidi.html. - Jim

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