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There is a huge opportunity for those with a ghost enthusiasm coming soon in Wisconsin. It is on September 21, a Saturday from 12:45 until 6pm with other events happening before and after the actual conference. There will be speakers, book signing and sales, seminars including ghost equipment by a Wisconsin bigger city (guess which one!) police officer, an investigation on the campus of the resident ghost, a performance of the Ectoplasmic Players, and a seance to name a few.

The cost is 20 dollars per person in advance with small fees for the before and after conference extras. The money that they raise will be going for maintaining the Weird Wisconsin website and funding the ghost research activities of the Wisconsin Paranormal Research Center (which I personally am an Associate Member of) and the Wausau Paranormal Research Society.

Some of the speakers include Phyllis Galde, editor and publisher of FATE Magazine and founder of Galde Press, Dennis Boyer, author of Driftless Spirits, Northern Frights,Giants in the Land, Great Wisconsin Taverns, Michael Norman, author of Haunted Wisconsin, Haunted America, Historic Haunted America, Haunted Heartland, Richard Hendricks, Weird Wisconsin, Christopher Claus, Wisconsin Paranormal Research Center, Stacy McArdle, Ghosts of McHenry County, Todd Roll, Wausau Paranormal Research Center, Katherine M.G., longtime paranormal investigator and intuitive, and a few surprises.

Richard Hendricks of Weird Wisconsin is hosting this conference at UW-Marathon County campus in September. I know I for one will be there! All the info. here and more updates can be found on his website at CURRENTLY DOWN

I hope to meet some of you there!
Rachel (aka msghosthunter)

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