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W-File: ww_marathonco.html

Type: Werewolf

Location: Marathon County, Wisconsin
Date: September 1994


Werewolf sighted in Wisconsin

I like a strange story, here is a good one. In Sept of 1994, a woman who lived in a nearby county was driving home when she suffered a flat tire. She lived on a dead end road and was close to home so she decided to fix her flat. This was around 11 p.m. and she had her headlights on bright. Upon preparing to exit her vehicle, a large beast appeared in front of her. She described the creature as being about 6.5 feet tall with large pointed ears, very yellow eyes, large curved fangs, very hairy, and walking upright. The creature made a lunge for her, causing extreme terror.

She immediately slammed and locked her door and made a bolt for home on her flat tire. When exiting she stated the creature howled like a wolf and took off across a field. To this day she will not travel down her road at night. The facts of this case were reported by the local television station, and investigated by the Marathon County Sheriff Dept.