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W-File: uluwmurder.html

Type: Urban Legend
Location: University of Wisconsin, Madison

Source: The ghost-discuss egroup. Message post #6134, Date: Fri Nov 10, 2000 3:24pm, Subject: MASS MURDER ON CAMPUS

One Halloween afternoon, Geraldo Rivera brought a renowned psychic onto his talk show. In the course of the interview, Rivera asked his guest, "Most of your predictions are for the distant future. Do you seen anything we should be concerned about today?"

The psychic concentrated and then she said, "There's a university in the Midwest. It a Big Ten school, I see a statue of Abraham Lincoln on a hill. There is a large lake at the foot of the hill. The school's name begins with 'W' And I see red."

"Wisconsin," Rivera said. "Wisconsin's colors are red and white." "No," said the psychic, "not the red of school colors. I see the red of blood. There's a murder loose on the Wisconsin campus at Madison. And before the night is over, 12 students will be dead."

In Madison, the psychic's predictions caused a panic. Students who had planned to join the huge outdoor Halloween celebration on State Street that evening now ran for their cars and got out of town as fast as they could drive. Other students barricaded themselves in their dorms. Sponsors of the State Street Beer Bash announced that the party was off. But one of the fraternities refused to be intimidated. Halloween in Madison was one of the biggest events of the year, and the brothers were not going to miss it because some psychic had predicted mayhem on campus. The guys let it be know that the party in their frat house was still on.

By nine o' clock, about 40 fearless partiers were doing shots in the frat house's cellar bar overlooking Lake Mendota. It was a small turn-out by Madison standards, but the hardy few were determined to have a good time anyway.

As the night wore on, one by one, the guests slipped off to find empty beds and sofas where they could pass out. By three in the morning, a dozen partiers remained in the cellar bar. The last one awake was the frat's president. He unlocked the sliding glass doors and stepped out onto the lakefront terrace. He was pretty drunk and he thought a little fresh air would clear his head. Then, after a few moments, he went back into the house, collapsed in a ratty recliner and fell asleep.

Late the next morning, one of the hungover brothers woke up in his room. The house was freezing. He stumbled downstairs to see if the heater's pilot had gone out in the night. In the cellar bar he found the sliding doors to the lakefront terrace wide open. Twelve bloody bodies were scattered around the room.

Variations: Virtually every college has a version of this legend and tailors the details to fit the school. In its original form, Jeanne Dixon, the renowned psychic of the 1960's, predicts the murders.