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W-File: ulnachoman.html

Type: Urban Legend
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A Milwaukee restaurant has come under fire recently from a special intertest group. A representative from Little People of America is outraged at the restaurant's gimmick of using a dwarf to serve nachos from the brim of his sombrero hat.

The 4'4" tall Nacho Man works as entertainer and server. He passes from table to table making balloon animals and doing magic tricks. His sombrero is fitted with a special metal cup in the center of the hat, which is filled with salsa, and the rest of his hat contains tortilla chips.

The entertainer is upset with the attention that Little People of America is bringing on him. He feels his job is neither an embarassment nor is it degrading.

A spokesman for Little People of America said "It's horrifying to realize that people are still being exploited for their size. You couldn't do that with, say, an Asian pulling a rickshaw. People would say that's racist. Short-statured people are often forced into entertainment, and this kind of thing is only going to promote those stereotypes."

Source: Email from Troy J.

I can absolutely verify the Nacho Man story, ate at the restaurant myself. It's called Nacho Mama's, located in Milwaukee between the East Side and downtown, and the stunt with the dwarf only lasted a few months before the restaurant buckled under the pressure of political correctness.

But it's true...the gentleman would walk from table to table serving chips and salsa from an oversized sombrero. Helluva publicity stunt.