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W-File: ul_room24.html

Type: Urban Legend
Location: West Allis, Wisconsin

Everyone Dies In Room No 24.


Well, almost!

By John Scherf

There's a rooming house in West Allis, Wisconsin. I will not name the place or give the exact location.

I lived in this place in the early 1990s (I live cheap sometimes!). In room #19 no one stays any longer than 3 days. Room #22 was a jinxed room - no one normal lived in there. Always a wing nut no matter who rented that room.

But room #24?? It appears that every time someone would move in there, they would die! There was even a murder in there I was told a few years back! I can recall only four or more people did survive living in there. But when someone new rented #24, myself and other tenants knew they would not last. Sure enough, about two or three weeks later, another dead body is carried out!

If you're looking for a room in West Allis, and you're shown room #24, take a hike real fast and take my warning!!