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W-File: mshollis3.html

Type: Miscellaneous Encounter
Source: E-mail from Heidi Hollis


Bigfoot or Werewolf?

by Heidi Hollis

It never ceases to amaze me, how so many odd and strange things can be related to each other. This next story I have to share, is one I never thought could or would be something I'd chalk up on my list of strange experiences.

In running this paranormal group, UFO2U, I often meet people that would like to discuss things a little further then what can be said at the monthly meetings. So, whenever possible, I try to meet up with folks at a local coffeehouse or even their home.

One somewhat, regular attendee to the meetings, I will call Stacey, asked me and my friend Amanda to stop by her apartment in the summer of 1999. Stacey had paranormal experiences that were sometimes hard to describe. She felt that a majority of her odd experiences stemmed from some connection to UFO's and aliens. But she also felt there were other things going on, and would often refer to "psychic vampires" and them being the culprit at times.

Stacey had hoped that she could discuss things further with us on what she felt was going on, and also hoped that Amanda and I could somehow "pick-up" on what she felt was in her house. I always try to explain to people that myself and Amanda are not psychics. We both do feel and sense things often, but to say we have outright control over what comes our way is difficult to say. I refer to this sort of ability, as kind of a thing that happens much how déjà vu's work. Simply put, it comes when it wants to, but I've noticed with practice that things come more easily. So who knows what this "gift" may bring, but I have mixed feelings about whether or not to be in control of a gift of this sort, or not.

Once at Stacey's home, Amanda and I sat down in her living room and began discussing what was on Stacey's mind. We laughed and kidded a bit about some of the strange things that have happened to each of us over time.

From Stacey's living room, you could look straight over a counter top and into her kitchen area. I sat closest to the counter, kind of kitty-corner to it, and Amanda sat a few feet away from me, facing straight towards the counter and Stacey sat next to her.

While Stacey continued to chit-chat about some of her experiences, something caught my attention and drew me to look to my left, on the other side of the counter in her kitchen area. I suddenly found myself rising slowly from my seat. Then my arm went out and pointed, and I felt my jaw drop to say in a loud voice, "B-B-Bigfoot !"

Almost as quickly as I had said that, Amanda stood up and exclaimed, "W-W-Werewolf !"

Stacey jumped up to see what we were getting all excited about, but it was too late. It was almost as if the creature we were staring at, realized we had spotted it, and vanished in an instant ! I fumbled around to tell

Amanda and Stacey what it was I saw, and as I was doing so, Amanda was filling in the blanks with an identical description.

We both compared notes and acknowledged the being we saw had long, shaggy, grayish-brown fur, from head to toe. No face could be seen, but a thick, burly shaped body was apparent with two arms. We could only see the creature mostly from the waist up, but we could both tell that the creature stood to be only about 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Stacey said she had never seen anything like that in her home before, and Amanda and I had never seen a creature like that before either. Needless to say, now we really had something to discuss, and we did! A little time passed, and nature soon called where I needed to excuse myself to use the facilities.

I got up from the living room and proceeded to walk around the kitchen counter, and into the kitchen to reach the bathroom on the other side. I got about mid-way in the kitchen, when I froze! I did not have a visual on anything, but I could truly feel the presence of that creature still there and it wasn't pleasant!

I slowly backed out of the kitchen and pinned myself against the wall behind me, when Stacey and Amanda asked what I was doing. I told them I could tell it was still there, and they came to see what I was talking about. Amanda then backed up too and said, "Oh yea, he didn't go anywhere!"

It seemed our furry friend had only made himself invisible, but he still stood in the same general vicinity. I could tell he was not happy with us noticing him, and I swear if he could growl he would have! But the reason for his continued presence eluded me, I could only guess that he was leaning an ear to our conversation in hopes to relate the message to someone or something.

Stacey was at a loss for words with all of this. She had her hopes on getting some answers about her connections, but only got deeper into riddles and mystery. Amanda and I on the other hand, got an eyeful of something! Whether it was a Bigfoot or a Werewolf, all I know is that it's not something I wish to bump into again anytime soon!

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