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W-File: gh_westallis1.html

Type: Ghost
Location: West Allis, Wisconsin

Source: Submitted by John S.


Speaking of haunted houses, I'll tell you about a house I grew up in West Allis, Wisconsin on South 95th Street north of National Avenue. The house has gone through three or four owners and they have a


 hard time keeping renters. My dad died in that house in December 1977 and he said he would come back to visit us after he died (I have a history in my family of hauntings). Another person died in that house many years before I was born. My grandpa built the house with his father back then.

I even believe my sister and me had a alien contactee incident when we were toddlers in that house. Our pet dog back in the seventies would always act strange in the bedroom where me and my sister shared. He always didn't want to go through the back hallway. His hair would stand up straight and he would growl.

In the 1980s my two cats would always sense something in the house and their hair on their backs would raise or their tails would fluff out. They were always running underneath furniture like something unusual was in the house.

My sister said she saw the clothes hamper top go up and down one day and heard church organ music through the vents - the same music that played in my dad's funeral. Some of my friends said they would see a man standing in the hallway. I would show them a picture of my dad and they would say, that's him!

There was times I would smell coffee brewing and cigarette smoke when none is around (my dad use to smoke and drink coffee in the morning).

My dad was a pretty cool guy when he was living he use to joke around a lot and play pranks with us kids. So maybe he didn't want to leave the house! I always dream of that house including my mom, sister and ex-wife who use to live there with me.

Once in a blue moon I go past there and I see a For Rent sign posted in front. It's like, dad must be scaring the tenants as usual!

John Scherf

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