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W-File: gh_waukesha1.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin

Source: Story by Sarah


One of the most time consuming aspects of High School was the continuous gossip that would constantly circulate the halls. Whether it was about the cheerleader dumping the quarterback or your French teacher's past career as a porn star. Well, there's one piece of gossip that forced me to see first hand whether it was true and that little rumor was concerning a local ghost...


Every town has it's urban legends, the stories passed down from generation to generation... morphing, changing from it's original form. The tale I heard had many different forms as well. However, the one that was imprinted upon my brain was of the alcoholic abusive father murdering his only son.

Many years ago on top of the highest hill in Waukesha, WI stood a farm home. The beautiful location mimicking the ugliness that laid within. It was a home of three; the mother, the father, and their only son and once upon a time they were a close knit family. However, the father's mental health began to deteriorate and alcoholism and violence overcame the household. The son going through his adolescent phase gained confidence as well as a stubborn attitude. Him and his father's barely loving relationship quickly went to hate. Then one day his dad's rage escalated to out of control. With a knife and many stabs the drunken father murdered his son. That same night his father buried his son under a tree in the yard quickly sobered by his actions. Days passed and guilt set in, the emotion magnified by excessive alcohol consumption and the man began to cut down the tree and create a figure out of metal pieces. His idea was to bring back his son through the wooden/metal person the tree had become. His mental and emotional problems months later soared to an all time high when he too, killed himself with the same knife.

To this day the "son tree" is still there in all it's glory. It is said that the father and the son's spirits remain as well; the father's in agony and the son's as a reminder of what was done.

I'm sure everyone is wondering what happened to the mother, right?... That was one chapter of the story I never heard. Then again, some times you just don't want to know...

Source: Email submission from Rebecca on Fri, 04 May 2001.

Hello my name is Becky. I wanted to write and tell you that your story about the metal boy in Waukesha is somewhat true. I mean, everyone has heard different stories of course but there is indeed a tree with the boy on it done in sheet metal with perfectly spaced nails holding it to the tree. I attend UW Waukesha and this tree is on the campus which was at one time a large farm. Until about 3 years ago the house and tree still stood there but the house has been burned down and the tree had been mostly cut down. The boy has been somewhat torn apart both by high school students who wanted a piece of the boy as a trophy or something. When I originally saw the boy about 5 years ago I have to say that your imagination could not concieve how real he actually looked if you didn't know any better. At night you would have thought it was a real boy even if you were close up.

If I find the pictures I took I will send you one. No one really knows how the boy got on the tree but it was quite a sight and sadly there are only remnants left.


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