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W-File: gh_twobrothers.html

Type: Ghost
Location: South Milwaukee


This ghost report came from a man in his late twenties who is a writer. Both he and his brother encountered ghostly activity at his home leading them to the conclusion they might be living in a haunted house. He reports that the home does have a history, there has been recent remodeling, unexplainable noises, movement of objects, cold spots, problems with plumbing/electricity, affected pets in the home, and ghostly interactions. There has also been a fascination with the occult, and a person with psychic abilities has visited the home. He has requested an investigation at the home, but one has not been scheduled at this time. Watch for further updates.


Details: &quotMy brother and I had recently moved in to a house across the street from our childhood home. From the very first night in the house, our sleep patterns have become a problem; we both seem to be having more problems than usual sleeping; we both are having frequent nightmares about dying, but the worst problem with the sleeping and the nightmares seems to come from the downstairs bedroom. At first, I slept down there while I was re-arranging the upstairs; then, my brother moved down there. Nightly, there are loud noises that keep him and the dog and cat awake; he has heard "dripping sounds" right beside him in the bed (and the dog was reacting to some sounds as well), the cat will meow and hiss in the darkness (which he hasn't done at the previous home we lived in); the dog is deathly afraid of the kitchen (where the brunt of the remodeling has been. We keep his crate in there, and, before, whenever we left for work, he was glad to go in his cage. But since moving to this new house, he howls the whole time he is left alone and, one day, after a neighbor complained that he was shrieking for hours on end (the neighbor lives ACROSS the street), we discovered that he had went to the bathroom in his cage...which he has NEVER done!) When we first moved in, I told my mom (who has lived across the street from this house for nearly 50 years) that the house seemed to have a very negative aura. Later, after both my brother and I had secretly confided in her about the strange occurences, she told us that someone had killed themselves in the basement. My brother and I are either highly perceptive to "ghosts," or we're total crackpots. There have been other places that we have lived where we saw, heard and felt things too. The last place he lived in, which we think might have been haunted, he didn't tell me until I spent the night there; the next morning, after having been bumped on the head by a ghost, he said he thought it was haunted but wanted to see if I said anything, etc. My BIGGEST BIGGEST fear...and this is probably going to sound absolutely crazy is...years ago, I was monkeying around with a Ouija board (by myself) and I became very ill; I was hospitalized. (It was thought too be food poisoning, but I at every little that night, not enough to keep my laid out for three days straight...) shortly after that, I moved in to a rooming house for a little while which is probably the scariest place that I have ever lived! I was "victimized" by a ghost; (without trying to sound perverted, I became familiar with a ghost in a biblical way...and, that not being my lifestyle, was absolutely painful. While I thrashed about, trying to free myself, I could hear my Guinea Pig gnawing on his cage, freaking out...which he only does when he knows someone is in the room to feed him lettuce!) I am scared that maybe I picked up an entity while i was messing around with the Ouija Board and it continues to follow me. (or else I'm just hyper-sensitive to the surroundings)"

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