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W-File: gh_phillipsconcrete.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Phillips, Wisconsin

Source: The book Northern Frights by Dennis Boyer (published 1998) pages 63-65.

By the way, the official web site for "Fred Smith's Fabulous Wisconsin Concrete Park" can be found at You can see pictures there that'll give you a better idea about what this story is referring to.

- Jim

Phillips' Concrete Creepers

Dennis Boyer's Introduction

Ghost-hunting offers many surprises. Yet there is a tendency to assume that years of experience and dozens of encounters have prepared the investigator for every possible angle and variation. This type of comfortable arrogance is the bane of everyone who assumes they've been there, done that. But life without growth and new revelations is a simple and atrophied pond silting in before it becomes a brackish swamp.

The beginning of the journey (and many interim steps) prepared me for the possibility of connections between different northwoods spirits and inexplicable undercurrents of evil. The various offbeat, lighthearted, and warmly nostalgic ghosts along the way tended to mute the macabre and sinister spirit elements.

Word got around about my unusual quest. Unsolicited advice from self-styled seers and clairvoyants found its way onto my phone-answering machine. Letters brought sale offers concerning "special" maps and "secret" documents.

Fate finally brought me a clearer voice in the form of a friend of a friend. He was part guide, part coach, and part kick in the seat of the pants. He was on a search of his own and had thought of a few things I had missed. Robert brought me, at night, to the edge of a strange place on Highway 13 South, near Phillips.

Robert's Story

From what everybody's telling, you're following with your nose too close to the trail. That's a good way to walk into an ambush or right up their rear ends. I saw that plenty in the Philippines back in my war. You gotta get off the trail sometimes. Off to the side.

This is not a kid's game of connect the dots or a road rally to see who can drive between ghost locations the fastest. Think it out. Take your time.

We Indians-even we unofficial ones like me-have an advantage on time. We don't hear it ticking away. We float on it like a river and get out every once in a while to look around. It was here in Phillips that I kind of climbed out of the river and looked around because something is amiss. Something is building and brewing.

You know by now that the land is as densely populated by ghosts and spirits and other unknown forces as it is by live people. Maybe more so. But if you haven't also noticed increases in strange activity and things way out of balance, then you 're missing the whole point of your journey.

Think about that. What is balance? How do things get out of balance? How do we get back to balance? That view probably comes from my Ottawa background. I'm one of the last of that group in Wisconsin. The group that hung on with the Marshfield Potawatomi and then faded north into the woods.

But just because we don't have tribal picture I.Ds or enrollment certificates doesn't mean we're any less Indian. Indianness is in the heart and in the spirit. Not in who's got a share of fish or casino money. We Wisconsin Ottawa understand ghosts because we're kind of like ghosts ourselves. Hardly anybody can see us. No one's sure if we're really here. I'll bet more people believe in ghosts than believe in Ottawa.

So why did this old Ottawa bring you here? Well, not to rant and rave about the last of the Ottawa. I had to get you off your trail. Get your nose and eyes and ears off to the side. You need to look farther out on an old trail. Otherwise you loop back over your own track. Sometimes when you 're tracking you can sense the birds a mile ahead are being disturbed. The jays squawk, the crows take off from their roost. Those are chain reactions. Here we are at a part of a chain reaction. It's a thing that makes little sense on its own. But if you view it as a sign of disturbance, then it helps you judge what you 're following. What we've got here is the Wisconsin Concrete Park. Two hundred concrete figures from mythology and history. Built by old Fred Smith and left as an odd legacy to the Phillips area. It's a spooky thing to view at night. Plenty of shadows and if there's a moon, it catches the light in an eerie way.

But the real oddity here is how a place without a ghost history is pulling them in. Price County never had that much of a ghost history. Unless you go back fifty years or more to that luminous ball that kept coming out of the ground at the Fifield Cemetery. Now, Price County is drawing spirits like ants to a picnic.

This is why I want you to pay attention to what you're doing. There's serious stuff going on here. There's bigger stakes than just a couple of jokes over beers down in the flatland and a laugh at the hicks up in the pine woods. You need to decide about what you're doing. Is it a lark? Is it a tabloid search for sensationalistic meat to throw to the crowd? Or is it a real search to expand spiritual horizons? I want you to think about what I said earlier about tracking and chain reactions. We've got ghosts by the dozens moving into concrete statues. Don't you think that tells us something? There are times at night where the concrete forms start to move. Some just rock back and forth. Some sort of dance. Others rocket straight up in the air and don't come down for hours.

Nothing bad has happened, yet. As far as I can figure, they are kind of neutral spirits. No hostile agendas or long, vengeful legacies to fulfill against the living. Just lost spirits being pulled into an old vacuum.

You not only must classify a ghost. You must determine whether it's a friend or foe or simply too damaged to help any of us. You must find the good ghosts. Find them and keep them as allies. That's right, good ghosts are the chief ally in the fight against the evil ones. Start talking to the Creator. Ask for strength. Keep yourself pure. You'll get a sign about which ones you can use or trust.

Think about what is happening here in Phillips. Ghosts are moving into inanimate objects, into material things. It's a chain reaction from things happening along your trail. But it also demands that you ask what's out of balance. Our things are corning to life. It's not right. But our things are becoming possessed.

That only happens one of two ways. It could be a curse. But that's a limited sort of one person, one object type of thing. Or there's a rip in the spirit world and they're pouring out like jellybeans out of a torn bag. That's what we've got here in Phillips. But why? And what does it mean for your journey? Will you slow down enough to figure it out? Approach all of this with respect. Stay flexible. Keep an open mind. Quiet now. Keep still. Let's watch the statues move.

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