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W-File: gh_oshk2.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Source: Paranormal Story Archive, August 1999

The Tenet Ghost

by Lisa-Ann H.

While living in an old two-story house while in college in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, I experienced what could very well have been encounters with ghosts. One of my roommates and I were sitting on separate couches across the room from each other watching TV one night. We had no candles burning, neither of us smoked, nor had we been drinking. As we were watching, we both saw a fog-like substance drift across in front of the TV set. You could see above it and below it, but could not see through it. It raised the hair on the back of my neck and gave me the shivers. I looked across at her and asked if she had, indeed, seen the same thing that I had and we both agreed that if we were going to be seeing things, we might as well go "out on the town" so we'd at least have good reason for seeing things. We left all the lights on in the house and left. It was really spooky. The strangest experience that we had in that house was after the upstairs renters had moved out for the summer. A group of us were sitting in the house one morning having breakfast or early lunch, and heard what we thought were a table and chairs being dragged across the floor. It made quite a lot of noise. We thought at the time that maybe the landlord was doing something up there, and kind of blew it off. Later in the day, while thinking about it again, we did hear some more noises that sounded like footsteps or how footsteps sound when a person has on boots with heavy heels and the boards squeak. I called the landlord, asking him if he had been over checking on something upstairs for any reason. He said he hadn't. I told him of our experience and he said that he hadn't told us the history of the house when we moved in. He didn't want to influence whether we rented from him or not. There had been a number of people die in the house over the years and although he didn't believe in ghosts, any number of his renters had experienced paranormal activity in the living room, our bedroom and upstairs.

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