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W-File: gh_operahouse.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin

The Grand Opera House

Source: Ghost report via the W-Files site



This report comes from a 29 year old insurance manager. The incident was said to occur near the Grand Opera House in Oshkosh which is in Winnebago county. I personally am not familiar with any parking garages near the Grand, and was just there this summer. I know that area has under gone some extensive remodeling the past few years, so perhaps it is no longer there?

Details: "This goes back some time. I was a freshman at UW-Oshkosh, must have been the fall of 1993. It was late one night and my roommate and I were parking his car way downtown from campus, right across from the Oshkosh Opera House. Now, we had all heard stories time and again about the Opera House being haunted, but he and I did not believe. Well, here we were parking his car around 11:00PM on the top of a parking garage when I looked over at the roof of the Opera house and saw a man standing in the shadows wearing a black trench coat. I told my roommate about it, and he saw the man as well. We thought nothing of it and walked down the stairs of the parking garage. I remember it was a chilly night and there was nobody around. It also seemed to be a still night, but when we came down from the garage, we were both hit with large amounts of wind coming from across the street at the Opera House. We were a little stunned by the wind and looked at the window in the Opera House which was facing us. There in the window, we could see the curtains clearly. On the right side, we saw all curtain, on the left side, we could see a dark profile of the "man" we thought we saw on the roof earlier. He just watched us and it was very eerie, so we turned and tried to run away. Yep, two nineteen year old men, scared of absolutely nothing, began to run. That's when the wind switched and came from the opposite direction of before, again right into our face. That didn't stop us, though, we did run all the way home!"

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