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W-File: gh_noisesinthenight.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co.


This report comes from a professional military man in his early twenties. The incident happened on East Mason Street. There had been recent remodeling, cold spots, unexplainable noises, movement, and electrical disturbances. He also claims to have been physically attacked. He has requested an investigation, however at this time, one has not yet been scheduled.

Details: "First off I'd like to say that this incident scared the shit out of me. I just moved to the Milwaukee area back in November 2002, because I got stationed here with the [military service]. I live down off of Water St down by the Milwaukee River in the building beside the Safehouse. In between East Mason St and Wells St. It is an older historic building that has been renovated into apartments. On the particular evening that this took place,I had gone to sleep around 9PM after a long day at work. Around 1AM I was awoken by my roomate, and his fiance who was visiting, because they were being loud in the living room. So I got up and decided to play on my computer a while, my roomate and his fiance went to bed shortly after I had been up for a while. Around 2 AM I decided I should go back to sleep, so I shut off my computer monitor and got in the bed. I hadn't been laying there more than 10 minutes with my eyes closed when it began. I heard a pulsating electric noise coming from the corner of the room where my computer was set up. At first I thought it was my computer making the noise, but then it began getting louder and louder, by then I had opened my eyes to investigate. I scanned the corner of my room where the noise was coming from and what I saw was best described like this: There wasn't a form to it but if you have ever watched heat coming off of a the street on a hot day how it makes things behind it bend or refract, it was a like that. Completely transparent but you could tell it was there. At this point, I could really believe what I was seeing, so I continued to watch. Whatever the entity was, apparently knew that I had spotted it as it floated to the ceiling of the corner very quickly. Then the pulsating eletric noise turned to a electric sounding voice which said something to me very abruptly that I couldn't understand. It then quickly flew directly above my bed, and I slammed my eyes closed because I really did not want to know what the hell it was going to do to me. Then it came down on top on me and held my whole body down on my bed, with so much force that I could not even move. I tried to cry out for help to my roomate but when I screamed nothing came out. The entity held me on my bed for a good 3-4 minutes, the pulsating electric sound was still in the background and I also noticed that I was freezing cold, I thought back to remember if I had left a window open but I had closed it earlier that night. I also thought that the room had an odd odor to it, not one that I recognized but one that I will never forget and definitely recognize again. After the 3-4 minutes was up it left me alone and everything went quiet. I just layed there in my bed, with my eyes closed petrified until 5AM when my roomate had to get up for work. Like I said it definitely scared the hell out of me, and I'm a pretty big guy. It bothered me that I could not control the situation"

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