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W-File: gh_mkehumboldt.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Source: E-mail from Heidi Hollis

Ghost Crap...

I'm not usually one to complain when paranormal stuff comes my way, because, heck ... it happens all the time anyway. Recently though, I moved, which I haven't done in 7 years, and with all my good luck into play, it seems the place wasn't vacated at the end of the month!

From day one, something seemed awry, just a funny feeling I had. Then on my first night sleeping at my new place, I woke up suddenly. I always seem to pop up when something odd is in my room that wasn't there when I hit the sack.

I opened my eyes to find this black ball, that appeared to have inerts of some sort, gently swim it's way towards Amanda (my housemate) whom I was sharing a room with until I got my room and bed together. I watched silently as this ball approached and just as it got over Amanda's head, it turned as if to look at me and noticed I was watching it. It shuttered in shock, I then asked quietly Amanda, "Do you see what I see?"

Amanda was surprisingly wide awake herself, I suppose she and I both have some kind of inner alarm system that got triggered there. Amanda acknowledged she was seeing the ball, immediately afterwards if floated up towards the ceiling changing to a light gray color in hopes we couldn't see it anymore.

Well, I could still see it all right for a brief amount of time before it seemed to just give up trying to camouflage itself and vanished. Later that night, Amanda had a dream that she spoke to that ball, in the flower garden out in the backyard.

She called it a fairy of some sort, and could understand why it seemed black to us because it was a deep blue color actually. The "fairy" told her that there were many of them that lived in the garden in the yard and particular inside this dead tree that the owner of the property has decorated with dolls.

I don't know what to think of that ball I saw as a fairy or what, but what seems to be plaguing the house is not any fairy I know of. During the next week, it became apparent to me that there was more then just that.

The majority of my things were still in boxes from moving, so when I put something to the side I did that so I could access it more easily, and that's essential when barely unpacking. When I did this, often I'd find something out of one of the boxes and set it to my side for safe keeping, and then I'd turn around, and find it not where I put it.

I at first just thought I was getting confused with having to search out items and thinking I pulled it out but didn't...but that silly rationalization didn't last long. Something was moving things on me, and it was too apparent to discredit. After this happening a handful of times during that first week, I voiced my suspicions to Amanda. She called the strange phenomena to be the works of fairies, and said not to worry about it, but I told her it didn't "feel" like a fairy to me.

Well, that moving of stuff thing, subsided during the second week, to my relief, but then something more peculiar happened. I came home from work one day, reached to unlock the door to my place when the doorknob fell off into my hands!

There was now no way for me to gain entrance into my place, so I went and got the owner of the property. She managed to break the chain to the back door, and we sat at the knobless door with other knobs in our hands to replace the one that just fell off.

As we are fumbling about, the owner mentions casually, "Yea, I don't know what it is with this door. This is the third door knob to do this, they just won't stay on this door." We then looked around to the floor to see where the screws were that apparently fell off the knob to make it come loose to begin with. They were no where to be found, and I thought quite possibly this screw vanishing act was the culprit behind all her malfunctioning knobs. I looked at her suspiciously thinking about things I just didn't even want to consider, but I brushed it aside as mere coincidence.

We managed to get a knob secured on the door, but not before her telling me how she had gotten stuck in the place on several occasions because the knob wouldn't work. It had happened to me couple of times also, but I managed to get out and didn't think much of it.

In the midst of our repair job, she asks me an odd question, "So how has the doorbell been working for you?"

"The doorbell?" I remarked.

"Yea, I think it must be on the same frequency as something else in this area, because it seems to like to ring a lot. Have you had it ring on you when no one is around?"

"What do you mean?" I asked...(he he) almost demanding.

"Well, it seems to get triggered or something and ring on it's own. It's happened in the middle of the night even, sometimes you'll come home and it's ringing nonstop."

I tell her, "Well, it did get stuck once when a friend rang it, but I wiggled it to stop..."

Then I stopped in mid-sentence, "Ya think maybe it's a ghost?" I couldn't help but to suggest it with all I'd been feeling and have happen. Besides that, it's a freaking doorbell not a garage door opener where someone else's opener is on the same frequency !!! Right?

She responded, softly spoken as if she'd considered it and said, "Oh gee, I don't know."

Heck, you'd know it, no "gee" about it.

So then what happens on Sept 16th, 2000? I'm sitting in my room just beginning to do my CO-hosting thing with SETLAB Chat radio, and about 10 minutes into it (5:10pm), "Ding-dong!"

We almost immediately went into break on the show so I scurried to the door to see who it was before we went back on the air...NOBODY! No one was there, I looked left and right and then closed the door. I was home alone, so there was no one around to share this lovely moment with.

But I'd have my chance to indulge in it later, soon after I was done with the show, it did it again!!! But this time, it wouldn't stop ringing! I went outside to look to see if it was indeed a friend, but no one was there again. I then looked at the doorbell button and it was jammed, just like it had done before when a friend had pushed the button!

The button was kinda tilted to one side, showing that something had pushed the dang thing and I wasn't too pleased, needless to say !!!

Later I got a chance to share the joy with Amanda, and she related to me that it had happened at about 6am that morning to her and it didn't stop ringing either! I thought, "Just great !!!"

I really don't know what to say about all of this, but it seems whatever it is, has some kind of problem with people coming into this place. I mean, the doorknob and doorbell? Some strange kind of relation to getting in here, but I'm already moved in buddy. So whatever it is, I sure hope it eases up on us.

I have had some horrible ordeals with ghosts and whatnot in the past, and I tell ya, I'd rather deal with the biggest, hairiest alien then deal with a ghost. I think it goes back to my being so terrorized as a child by ghostly things that it really strikes a nerve with me. But ya know what else, ghosts also seem a lot more "alien" to me too...meaning not as familiar to me.

I dunno, go figure, but now that's my latest ordeal going on and it's no fun. People ask me how I can tell if it's a ghost or not, for me it's like I can "feel" death connected to them. Like it's just not meant to be, and their reasons for hanging around in the first place just ain't right.

Not by me anyway, not where I'm living :)

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