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W-File: gh_menomonie.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Menomonie, Dunn County, Wisconsin

Source: Ghost report via The W-Files site


Menomonie, Wisconsin

The following ghost report comes in from a 20 year old male who works as a waiter. The occurrence takes place in the city of Menomonie in Dunn Co. It took place in the winter of 2003 around 12:15 am. There were no witnesses and the encounter lasted approximately five minutes. It was a one time occurrence that involved unexplainable sounds and movement. One of the buildings of the occurrence does have a history and he claims to have had a ghostly interaction. Here are the details in his own words.


“Details: At around 9:30pm each weeknight, I go to the local Univesity computer lab/library and read, catch up on e-mails, and occasionally meet a friend and chat for a few hours. Well, I left around 11:50, just before the place closes at midnight. I live across town and so I started my nightly jaunt through town.  It was very cold and the wind was very harsh, and so, I tried to occassionally stop and tuck inside a building or two to heat up a bit. Well, as I was walking downtown, I noticed a person walking very fast on the other side of the street.  I didn't really care much and so I didn't pay much attention. A few seconds later, I happened to look up and see something that stopped me dead in my tracks!  The person was floating. They appeared to be about 4 to 6 inches off the ground.  They were in all black clothing, but, as far as a style is concerned, I couldn't tell. Also, they seemed to be neither male or female. It was hard to see the face. I stared for a few more seconds and then, before my eyes, they slowly dissolved into thin air. I was terrified, but, thought maybe my mind was tricking me in some way...I ran across the street to see if they had maybe turned a sharp corner or jumped over a ledge or anything to possibly explain this situation that had occured. But, they were nowhere to be found! I was very shaken and hastened my way home. As I got further down the street, I heard a bang! I turned around and saw that the doors of the [local(name withheld)] Theater were banging, as if someone inside was trying to get out. I was already very scared, but, I genuinly thought maybe a cleaning staff or someone was inside and considering how cold it was, maybe the dorr was stu!ck frozen.  So, I slowly walked up to the still-shaking doors. When I got to the stairs, I saw a woman with a skeletal face and short, yet braided hair standingthere, banging with raised fists on the doors. She had no lips, as I could see and  I could see her gums and teeth. It was horrifying! She made a sickening moan and a
serious of what I can only describe as "grunts." I fell back and ran as fast as I  could home.  The Theater is said to be haunted and is well-known in Menomonie.  My experience will surely be met with criticism, but, I swear what I tell you is true. It was terrifying and i would never wish it to happen to anyone.”

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