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W-File: gh_menominee1.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Menominee, Wisconsin

Source: The book Wisconsin Lore by Robert E. Gard and L. G. Sorden,
pages 56-58 (published 1962)



Jessie Quackenbush of LaCrosse says this really happened:

This is a true experience of John Groat's while he was working in the community somewhere in the neighborhood of Menominee. One evening, I think he said in July, he and another young man, a friend of John's in the neighborhood, decided to walk into town, a distance of perhaps a mile and a half. On their way back they intended to stop at a farmhouse there two young ladies lived - sisters whose company they had been enjoying. The farmhouse was situated near a small, shallow stream of water which crossed the highway and had an old-fashioned wooden bridge built over it for better traveling. The stream was only about five rods from the farmhouse. No cars or even buggies were used then for conveyances. Everyone either walked or rode horseback; and not owning horses, the two young men walked. On this particular night it took them longer than they had intended.

As they stood leaning on the bridge and trying to decide if it was too late to call at the farmhouse, Ed said to John, "Look, there's a girl coming down the road dressed all in white." She came right towards the bridge, then swerved, and crossed right down to the little stream.

John said to his friend, "That's too bad! She has seen us and feels afraid to cross the bridge!"

They both watched her, and Ed said it might be Carrie or Anna from the farmhouse, but where was she going and why was she going to wade through the stream at night? They watched breathlessly. She walked right into the stream and appeared to go right in over her head.

The boys made a mad rush down to the place where she had disappeared. There must be a deep hole there, they both thought. They walked right in the shallow water around and around and back and forth where she had apparently disappeared, but no hole could be found. "Well, let's go to the farmhouse and report this, even if it is late," said John. "It must have been one of the girls, and what has happened to her?"

They went on to the farmhouse where the old couple were sitting on the front porch. John said, "It's quite late, but we thought we'd stop anyway." They asked if the girls were home. Their mother answered that they had had company and were now in the kitchen finishing the supper dishes.

The girls came out on the porch then, and the boys told them what they had seen and showed them their wet and muddy shoes. The girls said there was no deep hole in the stream. It was so shallow that they had waded through it many times.

What was it they had seen? They couldn't find an answer. "This story I would never repeat," said John, "if I alone had seen it, but Ed witnessed the sight also."

The people at the farmhouse were mystified also. They had no explanation for the strange phenomenon.

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