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W-File: gh_mary.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Oxford (Jackson Township) Adams County, Wisconsin


This report comes from an anonymous employee of a tavern in Oxford, Wisconsin. According to the person filing the report, there has been several witness to a ghost and other activity there. There is a paranormal history of unexplained voices and sounds, unexplainable problems with plumbing/electricity, and ghostly interactions. An investigation with W.G.I. was done. They will be posting the results of that investigation on there website at Please watch for updates on this!


Details: "I do not own the property where these "encounters" have occured. It is a bar that I work at. The bar is an old farm house (I believe) that was turned into a bar many many years ago. Many of my co-workers, ex-employees, and myself, have experienced in one way or another some type of "contact" with what we believe to be a ghost. I work in the bar as a bartender and don't spend too much time in the kitchen or in the basement, but when I do have an "encounter" those are the places it happens. My co-workers have experienced the same in the same areas. I have never seen the "ghost" myself, but I have felt it's presence extremely. I have heard noises that weren't the normal shutting off and turning on of coolers, fridges, and other equipment throughout the establishment. (On the stairs, written upside down, is the name Mary, therefore people have nicknamed the "ghost" Mary over the years. I will refer to the "ghost" as Mary throughout the rest of this explanation.! ) When I have been in the basement retrieving ice, liquor, soda, etc. I can feel Mary watching me, sometimes even hovering over my shoulder, like when someone reads over your shoulder. There is a dark corner of the basement, and not like a small child "senses" a monster, you can feel her watching you from there at times, or sometimes from where the washer and dryer are. I have felt as if she has even followed me up the stairs at times. In fear that I will actually see something or her, I never look in the direction I can feel her in. I have never felt her near me beyond the kitchen or the far corner of the dining room. But I have felt her watch me from these locations even when I am in the bar area. Here are a few other experiences I, or others, have had with Mary: One day I stopped in to work to speak with my boss, [name withheld]. I asked the bartender, [name withheld], if [name withheld] was in and [name withheld] said that she was in the kitchen. At that moment I heard movement above as if someone were walking in the upstairs. I said to [name withheld] that [name withheld] must be upstairs. (The door to the upstairs is locked up and employees are not allowed up there due to it being mainly for storage. Our boss doesn't even like to go up there.) Anyway, I went to go to the staircase to yell for [name withheld] to come down. She was directly around the corner in the passage from the kitchen to the bar. I asked her if anyone was upstairs. She said not as far as she knew. She went to the door, it was locked. She unlocked it and slowly went to investigate. She saw no one. Both her and I just looked at eachother and we both got goosebumps simultaneously. (Many nights I can hear noises as if someone is walking above.) Some nights I am so scared to be in there alone. I do not think Mary would try to! harm anyone, but it is the idea of seeing her that freaks me out. I fear I may have a heart-attack if I do see her. One night after closing I was so sure someone was in the basement. I could hear footsteps on the stairs, a noise as if someone had slammed the back door. I called the police and they must have thought I was nuts, because they looked all over the place and all the doors were locked tight. I can't be sure if it was a living person, or Mary just being noisy. An ex-employee, [name withheld] , worked days as a cook and she would hear somebody walking upstairs quite often. She said that sometimes it was if someone was pacing up there. Another ex-employee, [name withheld], had several encounters with Mary. She said that sometimes it was as if Mary were communicating with her, yet not speaking. Two new cooks started within the last month, and nobody has ever spoken to them about Mary. Both of them are frightened of the basement because they have seen something move around them out of the corner of their eye, and also in the kitchen. They have seen a shadow walk from the top of the basement steps, through the kitchen and around to the door that leads upstairs and disappear. Daytime and night time. It wasn't until they both had mentioned their experiences to each other and then came to one of us other employees, that they learned of Mary. There are so many people who have had experiences with Mary and yet nobody has ever tried to make intentional contact with her. My boss, [name withheld], does not work at night unless she absolutely has to, and then she won't work alone. I think it is because of Mary, but I don't believe she wants to openly acknowledge her just in case. There is so much more to say, but I could be typing this for a very long time. You can contact me if this is something you would like to know more about and I would be willing to approach my boss about it. I am very sure that most people who have had experiences with Mary would be more than willing to discuss them with a professional. Two things that may help: 1) A frequent customer of the bar and his father were hired to rebrick the fireplace years ago, when they started to tear the old fireplace and chimney apart, they noticed that it was made of tombstones. 2) Rumor has it that many years ago there was an accident in front of the bar and a woman was killed and possibly the man too. Rumors theory says that the woman may not have realized she was dead, went into the bar to get help, and when she realized she was dead her spirit became "trapped" there. To be honest, tonight I was so intimidated by Mary's presence, I wrote a note to my boss saying that I did not finish cleaning due to a terrible headache. Although I believe my boss is aware of Mary, I felt foolish saying a possible ghost scared me away. I am very open to the belief of ghosts and unrested spirits. I try to respect them as much as possible so that I don't encourage them to get angry or disruptive."

Further coorespondance lent to this additional information: "Believe it or not, but at work last night my boss, [name withheld], and I were talking to a customer and good friend of ours, [name withheld]. On Tuesday, January 7, he went down to our basement with a co-workers boyfriend, [name withheld], to get some ice. (Certain people that have experienced "Mary" refuse to go in the basement alone.) [name withheld] was making fun of "Mary" saying things like "There's no ghost down here. Mary's nothing but a joke...", etc.etc. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he say a shadow dash across the basement pretty close by. Before he could say anything, [name withheld] said to him, "Did you see that?" [name withheld] said he became very nervous. They hurried up the stairs and then realized they had left the back basement lights on. They both went back down. [name withheld] went around the corner to find the light switch while [name withheld] waited for him by the bottom of the stairs. Suddenly a large piece of angle iron came hurling down the stairs at [name withheld] and landed at his feet. Nobody was at the top of the stairs. [name withheld] said he was so frightened and goose-bumps jumped out all over his body. He says he now believes in "Mary". This is the first we know of "Mary" actually hurling an item at somebody. From this conversation I found out that [name withheld] does believe in "Mary" and acknowledges her. I took that as my opportunity to tell her that the evening before, Wednesday, I came home after work, and a nerve-racking night with "Mary", and contacted you at W-files. She was all for it. We don't know a lot of history about the place, but lately she seems to be showing her presence in one form or another quite frequently. Because of the lack of history we are not sure if some sort of anniversary has approached or is approaching for her, or if she is behaving like this due to a lot of human emotion in the bar lately. A very good and very loved customer of ours, [name withheld], committed suicide on Tuesday. He was 81 years old and had been frequenting this bar for many years. We have all been extremely upset over his death and a lot of mourning has been taking place in the bar by employees and customers alike. After receiving your e-mail this morning I called her and she agreed to your coming to investigate. She said an after hours investigation would be fine by her and the 18th of January would work. She and I would be able to be there. We are approximately 15-20 miles from Lyndon Station. You may forward this letter to the group you investigate with. She doesn't mind if you post the info on your site. Here is some new contact information: The owner is [name withheld], the number at the bar is [withheld]. The name of the bar is [name withheld] and is located on State Hwy 82. [name withheld]is there every day from [withheld] and on Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun she tends bar from [withheld] My name, as you know, is [name withheld]. If you cannot reach [name withheld], she said you may try to reach me. My home number is [withheld]and I am home usually every day until [withheld] and then you can reach me at [name withheld] from 5 p.m. until Midnight or later. I am the night bartender Wed-Sat. When you come to investigate would you like statments from others who have met "Mary", or would you like to meet them sometime in person to interview them? What do you need in order to help your investigation? We are willing to cooperate as best we can. Many of the people who have met or experienced "Mary" are more than willing to share their experience openly. Hope to hear from you soon and am looking forward to meeting you. Sincerely, [name withheld]"

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