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W-File: gh_lionbridge.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Source: Report from Cindy


The Ghost of Lion's Bridge:

The Lion's Bridge is in a park along Milwaukee's Lake front, the group of us that had gone to the Thursday Night "Milwaukee Madness Lounge Night" meeting had met up at the Node Cafe on the east side. After some discussion we had decided to go to take a look at the Lion's Bridge (this was around 11:30 pm October 30th, 2003) we had met everyone that came along at the North Point Lighthouse. By time we had gottne to the lighthouse it was nearing the midnight hour. We had heard several things, from giggles, and had seen several things moving about. There were spots that made the hair on the back of your neck stand on end when you passed through the area. There were also areas that had the extreme feeling of "GET OUT OF HERE NOW!". As well as very, very peaceful places close by. So much energy in one stretch of area, and yes I personally saw an object orb like fall or jump off one of the bridges, like a residual haunting. The children that were seen was by another person, but the energy was definately that of "evil" or like it was described "children of the corn" they were almost like sentry's posted at one end of the bridge. I will leave it here as there are others that may want to investigate this area, or add their own feelings of that night.


Source: Report from Becca

Verified with several sources that during the time that we experienced the most paranormal activity hit at the same time as the veil lifting.


Source: Report from Jim

I was also there on October 30, 2003. While I didn't specifically sense anything personally, I did observe one of the woman there audibly talking to something. I asked her about it and she said there were ghosts of children there who don't know they are dead. So I asked her what they said to her. She just said "Are you sure you want to know?"

Then after a good pause she told me that they simply said "go away" and they were under the impression that we were trespassing on their property. The area is currently a public park, but the ghost kids apparently didn't agree with that accessment. It was noted by someone else that they used to live in the house by the lighthouse.

Any further observations anyone? That is all I saw personally.

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