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W-File: gh_greenbay3.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Green Bay (Howard), Wisconsin

Source: The ghost-discuss egroup: Message 3114. From: Sterling J. Anderson,
Date: Mon Jul 31, 2000 4:19am, Subject: Something interesting my father in law told me


I usually just lurk but I thought I'd relay an interesting story my father in law told me last weekend. I was curious if anyone had heard anything similar ever. My wife's family is from Green Bay WI.


This occurred at a house they lived in just outside of Green Bay in Howard in the late 60's, before my wife was born. My in laws were inside one night during a rain storm, and my father in law looked outside a window and saw their neighbors sitting on their porch playing cards with their child (or children, not positive) playing in the yard. This was in the middle of the night and the neighbor's porch was not covered to protect from the elements. Here is where it gets odd, as he looked at them they would fade away to little glowing balls (like orbs I guess). Then, if you looked away and then back they would be there again and the process would repeat itself. Now, he of course called my mother in law over and she witnessed the same thing. They went to bed (I have no idea how after that experience) and when my father in law got up the next morning, pre-dawn, (he builds houses so he gets up quite early) they were still there. As the sun came up they finally faded away for good and it never happened again.

I would say ghosts! but the neighbors were alive and well. It seems like it would have to be a similar phenomena at least...

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