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W-File: gh_gb2.htm

Type: Ghost
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Source: E-mail submission

Dark Shadows in Green Bay

It's been years past since I've seen my ghosts but remember them like yesterday.

I moved into an apartment in Green Bay in 1978. My boss recently purchased the building from an estate sale as later I'd found out that the previous owner had died in the apartment that I had rented while painting the bedroom that I was now sleeping in. But what the heck the rent was reasonable and I felt I had job security.

It wasn't until a year later or so that I started to see shadows or dark figures. They started out peaceful and progressively got more aggressive never the same one. Through this period of time I would talk with my friends in passing on how I'd seen my ghosts again last night until one night above my head above the headboard of my bed was a black hooded cape with glowing eyes, with a knife coming down on me real nasty. Well, I sat up screamed at the top of my lungs and with that it was gone.

I then decided to go out for some coffee at a Perkins where I met one of my friends whom asked how my ghosts were. We discussed whether or not I'd tried talking to any of them, 6 to that date. I said no I've been to scared. He suggested that next time ask them what they want.

So within a week I had an image of a man leaning on the wall helplessly drunk. I asked him repeatedly what he wanted and all he could do was mumble. After a few questions and asking him to leave me alone showing that I was no longer afraid they didn't come back. This is the truth honestly, and whenever I hear of people seeing ghosts the memories come back and my response is listen to them. That's all they really want, someone to listen to them.

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