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W-File: gh_dog1.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Northern Wisconsin

Source: The Art Bell Show. Ghost to Ghost broadcast 4/25/2000. The story was read by Art Bell at about 1:45 CST.


Art Bell: Listen to this, it's an animal ghost story, we get some of these. This is from Diane in Wheeling Illinois:


"Several times a year I take my german shepherd Heidi with me to visit my mother in northern Wisconsin. On one of those visits my mother had just acquired a dog named Jiggs. He was a lovable and extremely gentle dog. He was almost as large as Heidi but had a very muscular build. He had very short white hair and sort of resembled a large boar. Jiggs loved Heidi immediately, but she did not return his admiration. He tried to be friendly, always behaved like a gentleman, he was happy to be allowed just to sit next to her or follow her.

"Through the years and many visits, Heidi gradually became more friendly toward Jiggs and it was obvious that he was thrilled. One night in late summer, not too long after a visit, I got into bed to go to sleep. Heidi was already in her place with her head on the pillow. I had just drifted into that twilight sleep, when something awakened me.

"I sat up, I looked at the top of the wall and I saw a huge white mist appear - and saw it was in the shape of Jiggs! He was coming through the wall and then floated down toward Heidi and me. Upon settling on the bed between us, he evaporated.

"The next morning, my mom called to tell me that Jiggs had died the night before at the exact time I saw him. He'd been attacked by a bear. He made it home just before he died."

Art: That's from Diane. Thanks Diane.

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