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W-File: gh_delafield_stjohns.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Delafield, Wisconsin

Saint Johns

Source: The National Directory Of Haunted Places By Dennis William Hauck, page 383.




St. John's Military Academy

A 14-room house near this campus is haunted by a presence from another house that stood on the same spot. The current building was the home of Dr. Sidney Thomas Smythe, one of the presidents of St. John's Military Academy. He called it Rosslyne Manse, after his uncle's home in Scotland. But on the land where he built his mansion, there was once another house.

It was the home of a man named of Ashby, who suffered from chronic tuberculosis. However, in 1905, when the Smythes started seeing the pale revenant of a man in their living room, they had no idea who it was. They only knew they shared their home with a ghost. To this day, no one knows why Mr. Ashby haunts the site of his former house.

(Delafield is 16 miles west of Milwaukee on I-94. The dilapidated mansion was deliberately burnt down by firemen in October 1981. The haunted area is now part of the parade field of the military academy.)

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