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W-File: gh_branch.html

Type: Ghost
Location: Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Source: Ghost report via The W-Files site


Haunted House in town of Branch

The following report comes from a 33 year old secretary, and dates back to 1985-1988. The ghosts appearances take place in the town of Branch, county of Manitowoc. Over a period of three years, she stated that there were unexplainable voices, movement/levitations, unexplainable fires/glass breaking, unexplainable cold/hot spots, physical attacks, and pets were affected by the ghostly encounters leading her to believe it was a haunted house.  She wrote the details of those three years as follows:

Details: "When I was 15 Years old, in 1985, My mother, stepfather and myself, moved into a house that my stepfather and mother had purchased in Manitowoc county, for a very, very low price, that had stood vacant for quite some time. The house was for sale for many years, and when they purchased the house and the land, there was a couple who lived there that had rented the property for awhile. While we were moving in, the couple who had rented the house had questioned my mom and stepfather about buying the place. The woman, had told my mom that strange things occured (sp. occurred) there, and that in her opinion, they were making a big mistake by purchasing the old house. She didn't elaborate on the subject, in fact she was somewhat vague about it, but told my mom that things happened, very bad things, and that she and her husband were moving so that they could save their marriage, which I assumed was falling apart at the time. After about six months of living there, things started to happen. We had two German Shepard dogs, who would viciously bark and bear teeth at nothing, around 2:30 am. That is when the strange things would mostly happen. You could hear whispering at all times of the day. You couldn't make out words, just faint whispering. One evening, late at night, I woke up to the dogs barking terribly loud, and hearing a crash from down at the bottom of the stairs. The front door, which was never used, had been ripped from its hinges, and hung there. It was the middle of winter. No wind outside, a completely calm night. Then the personalities started to change. My mother became a terrible alchoholic (sp. alcoholic), and my stepfather became very physicly (sp. physically) abusive to my mom. They had been together for 4 or 5 years before we moved into the house, and they always had gotten along great. I myself started to change for the worse. My grades slipped, I began to not care about anyone, or anything. It seemed as if whatever spirit, or thing this was, was after my mom. Up until one point, she was the only one to see anything. She had been sleeping one night in bed, and woke out of a sound sleep to see a 3 foot tall thing in a hood with a horribly disfigured face next to the bed looking at her. She woke my stepdad, and he saw it too. It turned and walked towards the stairwell outside the bedroom, and disappeard (sp. disappeared). On other occasions she witnessed shadows moving across the room, and the room filling with smoke, when none of us ever smoked in the house. On one occasion she awoke from sleeping on the couch, and went to the bathroom. She was getting ready to go upstairs, and in the doorway, was a tall, what she said to be a man, with a hood, standing there. She said she had closed her eyes, thinking she might be dreaming, opened them again, and he was standing right in front of  her in the kitchen. She pleaded with the thing to go away, and leave her alone, and it struck her across the head so hard it knocked her to the ground. Once again, she claimed that this thing had such a disfigured face. Other incidents occured (sp. occurred), such as things moving by themselves, the living room would be freezing cold, but the kitchen would be boiling hot at the same time. One time we had an unexplained chimney fire, and when the fire department came over, they checked the smoke alarms, and the 3 smoke alarms we had, all the wires had been cut. There was one instance where I was home alone, and we had a leather recliner in the living room. I was sitting on the couch watching TV, and the recliner seat sank in and went back all by itself, like someone who I couldn't see had just sat down. It was the scariest thing that had ever happened to me. I didn't see anything the way my mom did, but I sure felt something. While this all was happening, my mother drank more, and my stepfather was more and more abusive. My mom tried to contact the woman that lived there before us for more info on her experiences in the house, and when she finally found her, the woman would not speak with my mom, and told her just to "GET OUT!" She refused to bring up her past experiences in that house. When I turned 18, in 1988, I moved out the day of my 18th birthday. The occurences (sp. occurrences) still occured (sp. occurred), which seemed to my mom on a more frequent basis. Things got worse. I refused to go there on holidays, or regular visits. I was scared to death to go there. But my mom, for some reason loved her house, and refused to leave it. After several years, my stepdad eventually left my mom, and she had the house to herself. During that period of time, she quit her job, and lived like a reckloose (sp. recluse) in that house. She didn't go anywhere, didn't pay bills, didn't do anything. It was real scary. Finally the bank forclosed (sp. foreclosed) on the house, and she was forced to move. That was over one year ago. The house is still vacant as I'm writing this, as far as I know. I drive by there every now and then to see if anyone is living there, and so far not. It was a real scary thing for all of us. When I look back now, the 3 years I spent there seem almost like a blur to me. Its a time in my life ! that I really would like to forget."

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