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W-File: gh_algoma1.html

Type: Ghost, Alien, MIB
Location: Algoma, Wisconsin

Source: The book Wisconsin Lore by Robert E. Gard and L. G. Sorden,
page 43 (published 1962)




When most of the men of the Northern settlements went to the lumber camps every fall and were away till late spring, the women and children were left alone during the winter. One winter a person of fabulous height, enveloped in a long black cape, walked through a street of West Algoma every night at midnight, continuing on past the end of the sidewalk, and on into the blackness. He walked with a slow measured tread, and apparently with the aid of a cane. He walked for exactly one and one-half hours, and never varied the time of his coming or departure.

One of the older boys of the village chanced upon "him" one night. The boy was terrified, of course; beyond the fact that the face was absolutely colorless, and had no expression whatsoever, the boy was unable to describe him.

His appearance must have been bizarre in the extreme, because no one in the entire settlement slept at night until he had come and gone, and not a soul in all West Algoma offered to interfere with him or investigate him in any way. When the men returned in the spring, his perambulations ceased, and he never returned.


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