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W-File: crlizardsmke.html

Type: Creature (Lizard Beings)
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Source: E-mail from John S.


by John S.

A couple of years ago a friend told me he was walking along the Milwaukee River south of East Capitol Drive. He heard a noise, he turned around and saw two heads with big like yellow cat eyes. They disappeared. He saw them again and got out of there fast! He said he never saw any animals like this that he knows of in in his life.

After what my friend told me, I just happened to be a security officer that did watch over the construction site back in 1991 at the end of East Chambers Street east of Humboldt Blvd. There they had a trailer that was damaged and they blamed it on vandals. It looked like it had claw like damage to me. Why would kids to that?

One weekend when I relieved a third shift guard he was all shook up. He said that at around 3AM someone hit or shook the trailer real hard. He went outside and thought he saw something went into the river. Police could not find anything.

I talked to people in that area and they said they hear small short hideous yells at night, dogs missing, property damage and weird odors.

I planned to snoop around that area but not alone! Anyone who has any information please e-mail  It would be interesting to find out what is lurking between East Capitol Drive and East Locust Street along the Milwaukee River. But I would like to go as a group, never know - it may be like the Blair Witch.

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