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W-File: cr_billdavekyle.html

Type: Creature Encounter, Lake Monster
Location: Near Lake Superior, Wisconsin
Date: July of 1994 or 1995

Source: E-mail from Bill B.


Hello, my name is Bill and I'm 18 yrs old. My friends Dave and Kyle went up north to Lake Superior.

We rented a cabin. That night we heard bangs, not guns but thumping, then the next night it was horrible. My friends were all sleeping in the same room because we were scared as hell. At about 3 or 4 in the morning we saw the scariest thing any of us had seen before, I heard scratching, it sounded like nails on a chalk board. It woke me up, so I sat up in my bed still half asleep, I looked around the house. I saw nothing, but right before I fell asleep I heard growling, a deep growl. Half asleep again, I sat up in my bed but I stayed there, at the door way stait ahead they is a sliding glass window that opens up to our deck. When i looked at the window this monster was just staring at us. it was kind of greyish, it had pitch black eyes, and you could barely see his sharp teeth. I woke up Dave and Kyle, I pointed to the doorway but it was gone. I wouldn't move at all because I knew it was close by. But then the window right next to Dave and Kyle, standing staring at us with those deep black eyes was the monster again. When they saw it they didn't say anything at all. The morning after, Dave woke up earlier that Kyle and I, and he went to look out side. when he looked at the deck he yelled "Bill, Kyle Come Quick!"

Kyle and I jumped right out of bed and ran to the door. When we opened up the door, we looked down and saw massive foot marks. they were about 13 inches long we estimated the creature was 300-400 lbs. We left right after we saw that. We called some people to check out the cabin and the deck. They saw the deck and had no idea what the footprint belonged to. We saw more footprints leading to the other window, we followed them. They led right into the lake. We checked on the shore but we saw no more footprints. The creature that we saw must have lived in water also. People thought the three of us were crazy but, I would let them go up there any day to see what we saw.

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