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W-File: ce741117.html

Type: Close Encounter, Alien, MIB
Date: November 17, 1974 at 1:30 pm
Location: Antigo, Wisconsin

Source: Submitted to the W-Files by Cuthbert N. Tostensen. He credits the account to the MUFON 1975 Symposium Proceedings: "A Catalog of Humanoid Reports For 1974" by Ted Bloecher. Case #74-32




For several days prior to this encounter there were multiple reports of UFO sightings in Antigo. On Sat. night, 11/16, Mrs. H., proprietor of a local bar and restaurant, had seen with her family a maneuvering light in the sky. Next afternoon, while on duty in the bar Mrs. H saw a little man of strange appearance, 4.5 ft tall, enter the bar with a kind of "bouncing" gait; he motioned to her to come closer and addressed her in rapid English, saying, "You saw a bright light on Friday night." She corrected him, saying it was Saturday, but he repeated his assertion four times. He was smiling throughout this rapid-fire discourse, showing "a mouthful of white teeth." His eye-level was no higher than the top of the bar, and he wore dark glasses with inch-wide frames, had a dark complexion, and shiny, black hair. His jacket was loosely-woven, "like burlap." He continued his monologue and said a meteor was supposed to have landed nearby, adding something unclear to Mrs. H about "Medford," repeating the name several times (there is a town named Medford 100 miles west of Antigo). He spoke so fast that Mrs. H. was unable to follow what he said; on perceiving this, he threw his arms into the air and exclaimed, "And the whole world lit up!" wheeled about and stalked out of the door. By the time Mrs. H. had recovered from her surprise, the stranger had disappeared. She and several patrons in the bar had not heard any car drive away.

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