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W-File: ce731015.html

Type: Close Encounter, Alien
Date: October 15, 1973 at midnight
Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Source: Submitted to the W-Files by Cuthbert N. Tostensen. He credits the account to the MUFON 1975 Symposium Proceedings: "A Catalog of Humanoid Reports For 1974" by Ted Bloecher. Case #73-54




Witness was awakened sometime after midnight by a brief, high-pitched sound; room lit up with bright orange-red glow and he saw 3 humanoids 4-5 ft tall materialize, with bald heads, wrinkled skin and pointed ears. He passed out and came to on the floor, against the wall, and unable to move. Entities were examining him with an oval object that produced a "skeletal" effect to his legs when it passed over them. He felt severe headaches and passed out again as one of the beings reached towards him. He awakened toward dawn on the bedroom floor, found lights on in bedroom, bedclothes folded neatly back. Reported incident to the Center (CUFOS) in June 1974 after a second curious incident involving his girlfriend.

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