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W-File: cc950605.htm

Type: Crop Circle
Date: June 5, 1995
Location: Long Lake, Wisconsin

Source: CNI News
Original file name: .CNI - Water Crop Circle 6.5


ISCNI member Dolores Finney has sent this preliminary report on an apparent crop circle-like formation recently discovered in aquatic vegetation in a Wisconsin lake.

Dee writes:

The circle is indeed on a lake. Witnesses said that they were inside their cabin when they heard what sounded like a low, slow moving train going across the sky over the cabin. They were too frightened to go outside to see what it was. Then, they heard a strong wind out over the lake and the reeds rustling. They did not go outside until the next morning, when to their surprise they saw the circle of flattened reeds out on the lake. Taking a row boat out to the site, they saw that they could actually get out of the boat and walk on the flattened reeds as it had become like a mat floating on the water. Other people came out to see the site and when you get out of the boat, you sink down about three inches into the water (water is up to your ankles) but there is actually five feet of water below the mat of flattened reeds.

The description I have is that there is a center circle, with extension arms going out to two sides, then two smaller circles at each end of the arms.

The Milwaukee MUFON leader has been out there examining the site, as has Tim from my local UFO group who took photos.

The photos will be done [soon], at which time we hope to copy them and FAX them to Linda Howe. Tim is also working on hiring a small plane to fly out over the lake and take pictures from the air.

What keeps coming to mind, is that in 5 feet of water, this couldn't possibly have been faked. (I hope I'm right on this).


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