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W-File: bflapseritis1979.html

Type: Bigfoot
Date: September 1979
Location: Wisconsin Countryside - Exact Location Unknown

Source: The Psychic Sasquatch by Jack "Kewaunee" Lapseritis. M.S. pages 137-138 (Published 1998 by Wild Flower Press, Mill Spring NC)


Jack Lapseritis describes his first psychic encounter with a Bigfoot:

My friend Carl accompanied me into the Wisconsin countryside where we were to meet the Indian family. Upon arrival, Carl and I were escorted to the back side of the field where brush and small islands of trees intermingled with about five acres of swamp on one side, and woodland on the other. After social introductions and a pleasant chat with my new Indian friends, I began wandering about the property. My thoughts were tranquil, while enjoying the peacefulness of the country. Then I received the shock of my life!

"Greetings, I am of the Sasquatch people, and I am here watching you, and I have been watching you for many years now," a kindly voice said with a coarse and slight accent.

I quickly looked around in disbelief. There was no one in sight. Again, an inner voice spoke to me, saying: "As I said, I am of the Sasquatch people and have been watching you for many years, longer than you know."

I saw nothing and began thinking that it must be my imagination.

"No, you don't understand. As I said, I am Sasquatch here watching you and have been doing so for many years now," the voice repeated.

Again I looked around and saw nothing. My head became light, and I was soon in a daze, as if physically sedated. I was deeply puzzled. Before I could compose myself or grasp that I was experiencing genuine telepathy, a second, more sophisticated voice spoke to me: "Hear me. I am a person from the stars, and I too have been watching you for a long time now."

"But where are you? I can't see you!" I asked in my mind, totally incredulous with what I was experiencing.

A controlled and tempered voice replied: "At the moment I am in a UFO, as you people call it."

Placing a hand above my eyebrows to block the autumn sun, I scanned the sky to the end of the horizon but saw nothing. Thinking to myself, "But I don't understand where the UFO is," instantly producing the same reply from the being, verifying that he was clearly reading my mind.

Shocked and in disbelief, I no longer wanted to be involved in confusing mind games, so I quickly returned to the group of Indian friends who were sitting casually in a circle. It was my intent to escape this clutter in my mind. Once again, I was shocked. The telepathy continued even when I stood by the group of Indians. It was apparent that no one else responded to the voice of Sasquatch in my head telling me he is my guide and has been monitoring me for years. And I clearly remember my thoughts as I struggled: "This is crazy! Is this for real? No one will ever believe me. Can this really be happening to me?"

"Over there would be a good place for a sweat lodge," an Indian elder remarked.

"No, not there," the head-of-house answered in a disapproving tone.

"I think that's an excellent place; I agree with Wallace," another Native American commented in support of his friend.

"Nothing will be built there; that piece will be left alone. Our friends, the Starpeople, will be landing their ships there, and I don't want to disturb their activity," the head-of-house sternly spoke in a decisive manner.

Those words really jolted me, so I turned and bolted for the house!

Later, on my return trip to Milwaukee, Carl warmly related his visit. Feeling withdrawn, I unintentionally ignored him. I was still in a state of confusion. As he spoke, I smiled politely, nodded occasionally in agreement, but said nothing. Half-way home Carl realized I was paying little attention to what he was saying. Suddenly his jocular tone of voice changed and he became serious.

"Jack, I have something important to tell you and you may not believe me - but there are Bigfoot creatures out on that property, and UFOs are dropping them off!"

"Stop it, Carl, you're freaking me out!" I loudly retorted. At the time I did not want to hear the truth. None of this was a part of my then-limited view of reality concerning this phenomenon. A belief in a relationship between Bigfoot, telepathy, and UFOs was incompatible with my sense of order, logic, and science.

Nevertheless, Carl went on to say that he visually saw an astral apparition of Sasquatch following me everywhere I walked on the property. He insisted it was ten to twelve feet tall and showed considerable interest in me. He also claimed he was overwhelmed by the sensation that a UFO was indeed present. His entire story instantly startled me into facing the reality of the encounter. Independently, Carl experienced something similar. I thought: "Could two people independently have the same experience and still be sane?"

It was the following night that I began having astral visits from the psychic Sasquatch. One Sasquatch apparition was a female that was the mate of the large male and mother of the juvenile. For a time, the large male did not return to visit. When he returned one evening, I immediately recognized him. It was like recognizing a new human friend after meeting him only once before - his features and telepathic vibration were that distinct.

The weekend after the telepathy occurred on the farm, I began camping there every weekend. Ellen, my new girlfriend, was dumbfounded by my fantastic story. She commented that it sounded like science fiction. My insistence that it was true was met with frequent teasing and a rational explanation which she conjured up that made it more believable for her. I challenged her, and one weekend she agreed to camp with me. She accompanied me to the property, and, after setting up the tent, we huddled around a large fire made by the Indian family to warm us on a cold autumn night. We chatted, and the head-of-house spoke of God, Mother Earth, the destruction of our environment, and discussed his philosophy of life and the Indian way.

Soon a giant silhouette was sighted about 65 feet away, peeking from behind a cluster of trees and brush. It was Sasquatch - my first physical sighting! After it ducked behind the trees, I telepathed and asked it questions, but it would not answer. For a while I thought I might not be "thinking at it" properly, that it was not receiving my words. Then I asked Ellen to assist me. I explained how to telepath by visualizing him as she spoke in her mind. Suspiciously, she agreed. We both requested that the Bigfoot man visit us during the night to assure us it was indeed our friend.

Shortly before retiring, six of us observed a UFO flying over the house. Within 20 minutes, one of the Indians became startled and yelled out. About 50 feet from the group, just over a knoll, he'd seen a 12-foot Sasquatch run from the open field into the cluster of trees where I had first seen the giant before telepathing. Soon after the sighting, the Indians walked back to the house for the night. Ellen and I crawled into the tent and fell asleep.

At exactly 2:45, a voice abruptly woke me saying: "Wake up, my friend, I am here as you asked." The telepathic words were so powerfully abrupt that I instantly sat up in my sleeping bag and heard the thumping of heavy footsteps, like that of a giant man walking up to the tent. The creature stood there for about one minute, then nonchalantly walked away. I scrambled for my shoes and climbed outside to get a look. The creature was gone. In the dead, dry grass were footprints leading to the tent.

"Wow, what an experience!" Ellen shouted. She had not moved all the while, so I had assumed she was still sleeping. She was exuberant and claimed he had telepathically awakened her, saying: "Wake up, my friend, I am here, as you asked." Splendid! As a social scientist, I considered this information to be vital. The mental telepathy independently perceived by another person verified my experience. Yes, it was "genuine." I remember a feeling of relief and thinking: "I guess I'm not crazy after all."

Ellen said she could smell a faint musky odor when the Bigfoot creature approached the tent. Many people think Sasquatch stinks because it never washes its body, but I discovered that to be untrue. The pungent odor is similar to that of the musk glands of a skunk. When a Sasquatch is threatened in any way, or senses fear, or is startled, or perceives a violent intention in the mind of an oncoming person, it secretes a powerful odor that deliberately stuns the olfactory nerves in the nose. It is the creature's benign way of communicating to others, saying: "Stay away; don't come near!" And it works. This is what I have discovered, both through personal experience and from what the creatures have told other informants who were privileged enough to talk with them. In all the years I have encountered them, not one time have I ever smelled this stench that others describe. Some people have told me it was so strong it made their eyes water. My deep love of nature and lack of fear around animals have proven to be major factors in attracting the psychic Sasquatch without triggering its release of scent.

That same morning, the head-of-house and I talked and it was then that he told me his personal story. Since the five-member family moved to the farm that summer, they had observed round, glowing objects in the sky, occasionally hovering directly above the high-tension lines on the adjoining property. On a few occasions, they claimed the saucer-shaped craft landed on their property. But no one ever investigated to see what they were doing. At times, other Indian visitors would stand out in the yard at night, observing the same phenomenon.

The times the UFOs landed were most significant. Usually the family was in the house watching television. Then the dog would go berserk, barking, whining, and cowering as if trying to escape some terrible foe. Sometimes, an ominous-looking figure of a giant man would peep in the windows. On the first few encounters, the teenage boys grabbed a .22-caliber rifle and ran outside to face the intruder. Each time they were mystified as to where the stranger had fled. Once the two boys saw a seven-to eight-foot "man" run into the barn and heard him climb the steps to the second floor. The youths cautiously tiptoed up the stairs. They heard a thud from someone jumping to the ground from the second level. One of the boys ran to the side of the barn just in time to see a Sasquatch duck around the other side.

When they reported the incident to their father, he immediately banned all guns and counseled them as to the nature of the being. He told his three sons to accept the Sasquatch as a spiritual friend, that the creatures meant no harm, and that they were conducting some task for the benevolent Starpeople who were on the flying saucers. The sons accepted this, as the entire family of five saw the spaceships land and, within an hour of the landing, a Sasquatch would boldly stand at their window. Sometimes one or two other Indians would be there to witness the Bigfoot/UFO connection. Since both phenomena were experienced simultaneously, the Bigfoot's presence and UFO landings were viewed by the family as a single phenomenon. Traditional medicine people had told the head-of-house of this association many years before. The Indians came to accept that reality as a part of universal nature. I was told both phenomena existed previous to the coming of the white man and were here before the Indians occupied the North American continent.

One night the head-of-house and I were standing on a hillside behind the farm discussing native Amerindian philosophy. Soon, we observed a round, low-flying object with pulsating red and green lights silently gliding across the sky.

"My God! That's a UFO!" I stammered in disbelief.

My Indian friend continued to speak as if it were not there.

"Do you think they know we're here?" I continued, babbling in amazement.

He turned and, looking up, confirmed that this was the type of starship he had often witnessed landing on his property and transporting the Sasquatch.

I asked the Indian: "If they can read our minds as you say, the Starpeople must know we mean no harm and won't tell the authorities. Then why don't they land so we can speak with them?"

Solemnly and with a firm glance, as if I had asked the most asinine question, he curtly replied, "Why would they want to talk to an ant?"

That was not the expected response, yet I imagine Einstein would have been bored beyond his limits if he attempted to discuss the theory of relativity with a primitive Dani tribesman of New Guinea.

Jack Lapseritis documents his subsequent encounters with the Bigfoot creatures in his book "The Psychic Sasquatch" - Jim

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