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W-File: bfjeffersonco1992.html

Type: Bigfoot
Date: Summer 1992
Location: Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Source: The W-Files Book by Jay Rath, page 9


Tom Brichta and Chris Maxwell of Hanover Park, Ill., were driving late one foggy night on Highway 106 when they smelled a "skunky" odor. Immediately afterward they spotted a hand sticking into the road. As they passed, they saw the creature it was attached to.


"It was large," said Brichta. "Its lower chest and upper belly was at the top of my car. It was huge, it was hairy, and it was standing over a roadkill."

They slowed and the figure lunged at the vehicle, leaving two scratches. "I've seen plenty of bears, and this wasn't a bear," said Brichta. Two months later, Brichta saw the creature again with Scott Freimund, driving along the same spot. It was 7- to 8-feet tall and was walking on the balls of its feet along the edge of a cornfield, checking between the rows. "It reminded me of a person window-shopping," Brichta said.

The men slowed the car and the creature turned. "It almost seemed to challenge us, like it was saying, 'What are you going to do about it?' " Finally the creature entered the cornfield and disappeared from view. Checking back later, Brichta and his friend found a 5-foot circle of grass -- trampled-down grass.


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