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W-File: bffrankfort1991.html

Type: Bigfoot
Date: 1991-1992
Location: Frankfort, Wisconsin

Source: Wausau Daily Herald, July 28, 1991

Is Bigfoot Roaming in Frankfort?

Town of Frankfort resident Rita Massman said it all started about five weeks ago, with a sighting of a UFO.

A few days later, Bigfoot appeared.

"When there's a UFO sighting, Bigfoot appears," said Massman. "I didn't see the UFO, but my neighbor did."

At first, when Rita Massman's son told her that he had seen Bigfoot tracks, she didn't believe him. But after the family's chickens began to disappear from a pen that "only human-like hands could open," Rita and husband Klaus Massman became believers. They reported it to the Marathon County Sheriff's Department on July 21.

The Massman's claim that their children have also seen and been chased by an "8- or 9-foot tall, brown, 400-500 pound" creature having a monkey-like face.

Rita Massman says that a bear isn't responsible because the goats, mushrooms, berries and bees were undisturbed. A bear, she said, would have taken more than chickens.

Massman says she has never seen the creature, but has heard it walking in the brush around the garden area when she is working her vegetables. She can tell she's being watched. She believes also that two creatures are involved, as "Bigfoot would require a mate to stay in one area for any length of time."

"It's scaring me," she says. "I can't let my kids outside alone. It stands outside our house at night and observes us. And I don't like that."

Shortly after finding the tracks, Klaus Massman began researching Bigfoot, to learn more about its habits and to learn how to deal with it. What the Massmans found has made them even more fearful. Klaus's research reveals that the North American Bigfoot "will kidnap children for purposes of raising them" and that the Asian Bigfoot will "kill children for food."

Rita confides that she now carries "a little pistol. If that thing attacks me or my children, I'll defend myself." Klauss has taken to carrying a machete-type knife whenever he's outside, also for self-defense. And to protect his children.

Though several weeks have passed, Mrs. Massman knows that Bigfoot remains in the area because her dogs are frightened. "They [the dogs] fight beavers. They're not scared of bears or anything. But they're scared of whatever's out there. It's not human, I'll tell you that."

Klaus Massman has asked the Sheriff's Department to notify the U.S. Army and the state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for help in searching his wooded, marshy 80-acre property. He wants them to use their "sophisticated equipment" to "capture Bigfoot once and for all."

A spokesman for the Sheriff's Department says that the Army has not been notified, but the DNR has. The case was also referred to the county's Social Services department, because children had been frightened. The spokesman refused further comment.

While Klaus Massman waits for governmental help, with a neighbor's aid he has strung a rope across a marsh-grass trail where Bigfoot "walks and beds down for the night." Attached to the rope are bottles and cans, so that when Bigfoot trips over the rope, the clanging noise will alert the family.

Rita Massman, however, isn't so comforted by the make-shift alarm system. "The thing is so smart that won't work at all."

"We need a cage. A big giant cage to lure it into. But it's too smart. It's really an intelligent thing."

Source: Wausau Daily Herald, July 12, 1992.

Psychic Persuades Bigfoot to Leave Farm

by Chuck Baldwin

A year later, peace and restful nights have returned for Rita Massman and her family.

Bigfoot is gone.

"A psychic saw the story in the paper and came out here and asked him to leave," says Massman. "She told him it was for his safety, because people were out there with their rifles."

Although at the time she thought the Bigfoot was connected with UFOs, she now knows better. There have always been UFOs, she said, "farmers see them a lot." At the time, however, she "would have believed in anything" she was so scared.

The psychic confirmed that it was Bigfoot. "When she was young, she dealt with a Bigfoot herself," said Rita Massman.

"Do you know they're all over? They just wander from place to place. I even found out there was one in Chicago walking around there."

Mrs. Massman refused to identify the psychic, but was grateful for her help in ridding the farm of the prowling Bigfoot. With the creature's departure, she has turned to mending relations with her neighbors.

"They think the lady's really gone berserk. Been too long in the woods," she says of neighbors' perceptions of her in the wake of her Bigfoot revelations. "But I know there are things out there like that."

A year ago she didn't know what had been harassing the family. "At first, we thought it was somebody scaring us. Anybody could have a hairy face."

She's since learned that Bigfoot are cousins to humans. "Somehow we were developed, and they were not developed. For them to survive, they have to hide."

Few in the community believed the story. Evidence was scant, circumstantial.

Massman, however, feels the evidence was pretty strong. She told how her children had first seen Bigfoot wandering the woods on their farm. "Live, in the middle of the woods," she said. "I saw fear in their faces, because they'd never seen anything like that."

"Kids don't lie like that. How could they make it up?"

Bigfoot's physical appearance had been terrifying to her children. From the psychic she learned that she need not have worried, for Bigfoot always "appear[s] in front of kids, not grown-ups. You know that Indian kids play with Bigfoot kids?"

"He," she said, referring to Bigfoot, "was peaceful. He was just nosey." And now he has moved on.

During the family's plight, neither the Sheriff's Department nor any other governmental unit took their fears seriously. Until the psychic, the only person to come to their aid was a neighbor who helped rig an alarm in the woods.

However, her husband Klaus had been the only creature to trip over the rope. Bigfoot never touched it.

Massman knows that you'll never catch Bigfoot that way - they're too intelligent. "I know it."

"I'm crazy, but I'm not that crazy."

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