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W-File: bf_misc1.html

Type: Bigfoot

Location: Wausau, Wisconsin

Source: Wausau, WI Daily Herald, December 24, 1982

Around Town

Have any of you deer and bear hunters seen anything of Bigfoot? I ask because I have been looking through "The Bigfoot Casebook" written by Janet and Colin Bord

Bigfoot or Sasquatch has been heard from more than 1,000 times between 1818 and 1980 and the Bords list the reports, including six in Wisconsin.

(skipped some extraneous stuff)

Sightings close to home, as reported by the Bords, include one at the Deltox Marsh, near Fremont, during November 1968, when a powerfully built, manlike creature covered with short dark-brown hair and with a hairless face and palms was seen several times.

"On November 12, men were on the marsh, strung out in line on a deer drive," the Bords report. &quotThe men on the extreme left saw it first and passed the word down to the rest. The creature was not aggresive but evidently was interested in watching the men, keeping a certain distance from them..."

In December 1974, William Bosak, a 69-year-old dairy farmer of Frederic, Wis., reported seeing a Bigfoot as he was driving home at night. The strangest feature, he said, were the ears on the creature, sticking out about three inches on either side of his head.

The creature was standing behind the curved glass window of a disc shaped craft. As he sped past the craft, he said his car lights dimmed and he heard what he thought was a soft whooshing noise. He was not the only person to report seeing UFOs in close proximity to a Bigfoot.

In September 1976, there was a Bigfoot hoax near Cashton where four boys admitted dressing up one of their number and making Bigfoot tracks by means of large pieces of wood fixed to his shoes. However, authors of the book say there may have been a real Bigfoot sighting hidden behind the hoaxing.

They report a farmer about September 1 of that year saw a seven foot tall, dark, hairy creature which smelled very strong and bellowed like a young bull. The farmer's dog rushed in and bit the Bigfoot, which brushed it aside. However, some saliva from the creature fell onto the dog and the farmer reported the saliva smelled the same as an odor he had noticed before on cows that had been in the same part of the woods.

(the rest of the article doesn't deal with Wisconsin)

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