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W-File: ba_turtlelake.html

Type: Alien Base
Location: Center City Area - Turtle Lake, Wisconsin

from the web site


Yes, UFOs are one thing.  Even as uneventful as distant lights in the night time sky, with plenty of reports and plenty of explanations.  Even when we get into experiences being reported with alien like creatures.  Again lots of stories and even more possibilities.  Alien bases not only here on Earth, but right here in Wisconsin?  Well if you believe the source listed, not just one but several:



Information received on 29/1/95.

Place: Center City Area - Turtle Lake.

Purpose: Center of their Organization.

Secretariat for the Boss area. Their "Heart".

As the Boss is hidden, his orders are executed from here.

Computerized Center of Communication to the bases on the planet.

From here coordination's are made between the different bases on the planet.

Also their Justice Center.

This is a very strict Organization, but all robotized, which also is their weakness! If something gets out of order they get easily confused. A strictly military Organization. This base is their "nucleus". Any order coming from here has precedence on any other base's command.

If this place got destroyed there would be great confusion among all bases!

Composed of: ET's 120 - Ships 5 -

They do not want to draw attention on this area. It is a relatively small base.

Source: Conversation with Monn

I personally asked Monn, the extraterrestrial contact for The Lightside, about alien bases in Wisconsin. She let me know that while there are alien bases in the state of Wisconsin, there is no base located in Turtle Lake.

I have come to trust Monn as a reliable source of this type of information for a variety of reasons that I won't go into here. Based on this fact, I would guess that most or all of the information provided at is either purposeful disinformation or just an interesting work of fiction.


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