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W-File: ab_milla.html

Type: Abduction

Source: UFO Sky Searchers International. The full story is detailed in the movie "Aliens In The Hills." A copy of the movie "Aliens In The Hills" is obtainable through UFO Sky Searchers International. If you are interested in the movie click here for ordering information.  Apparently this has its location in Wisconsin.


Since 1991, Mr. Milland has gone through two alien abductions. The first abduction was in early December of 1995. Mr. Milland awoke after going to bed a few hours earlier.

He awoke, and startled, and found himself in the den room. Not knowing how he had gotten there, he quickly returned to bed. As he was entering the bedroom, he noticed a bluish white light that illuminated his bedroom wall. He quickly went to bed, and awoke in the morning, and fully realizing that something strange had taken place. Another abduction! He also recalls that he had a large 2 inch in diameter lump on the back of his head, at the base of his skull, and about 1/2 inch high, and that he felt a deep dull pain from it. Within 24 to 48 hours, the lump had vanished. Although Mr. Milland cannot recall his abductors, he is positive that it was an abduction.

A few months later, Mr. Milland woke up early one morning about 5:00 am while it was still dark outside, and quickly recalled being held in a medical bed of some sort and drugged, and tubes were inserted in his mouth and other parts of his body. The abductors had inserted a very large and painful type of hypodermic needle in his thigh. Mr. Milland also recalls seeing his clothed abductors, but the faces were blurred out. He recalls an alien form, sitting in the shadows next to his bed, holding his hand at one point. Although Mr. Milland could not see this being, he could make out the image of the upper body and the head. The image was of an oval shaped head, and a slender upper body, and rather thin, and the arms were very thin as well as the hands that he remembers holding This alien being sat back from the bed, in the shadows, thus, Mr. Milland could not make out the features of the face. Mr. Milland felt the pain from where the hypodermic was put in, up to two weeks after. He remembers at the time, when he was holding on to one of the abductors, because of the terrible pain, when another being injected this huge hypodermic type thing into his hip.

Mr. Milland also said that when he awoke, he had realized that we was back in his own bed, and not the medical type bed that he had been in, during his abduction. He sat up in the bed and saw brilliant colored lights reflected on the door. He had heard a low rumbling sound of some kind, take off and away from the house outside.

Mr. Milland had experienced a 2 to 4 week period afterwords (sp. afterwards) Sof a strange elevation in his intelligence, and reported that he would get periods of time where his mind seemed to just absorb everything he was reading or studying on, whatever books or magazines he picked up, and that he had also a photo graphic memory and retained almost every word of everything or anything he read. This just ammazed (sp. amazed) him and his wife during these periods. He also claims that he could understand scientific theories that explained UFO flight. He said that complex theories and scientific knowledge was like childs play, and very elementary to his elevated thinking. But the elevation of his intelligence has after that period gone back to normal. He still claims that he feels that he has gained and increase in his I.Q. ability.

In December of 1995, Mr. Milland and his daughter observed a large UFO hovering over a farm house across the field from their house. This UFO grew to a grapefruit size orb and was pulsating bluish white light, and then emitted a light scan down over the farm house. For about 5 seconds the UFO scanned that house, and the light was just turned off, and the UFO quickly shrank into a pea size and much dimmer light and drifted off and slowly just vanished.

The Milland encounters and sightings have been life long. Mr. Milland began his at the age of 3 years old. But when he married in 1969, only a few years after, his wife and children began their encounters with abductions and sightings. In all, I would guess to say that there have been at least 5 abductions of the family members since the first one in 1972.

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