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W-File: ab66edge.html

Type: Alien Abduction
Date: 1966
Location: Edgerton

Source: E-mail submission from Name Removed


I lived with my Grandfather and Grandmother in Edgerton, Wisconsin for about 1 year (1966). I recall my Aunt who lived in Milton talking a lot about seeing UFOs over their homes (I was 9 at the time).


I lived in a then wooded area on the bank of the Rock river (Rock County) where there were many Indian mounds. I awoke one evening after being asleep for some time. I donned my coat and remember heading out the door (10:00 P.M. or so). I was afraid of the dark woods at the time, so this was unusual for me... I recall I was not under my own control. The next thing I remember, I was back in the cottage, took off my coat, and went into my Grandparent's room to tell them I was back. My Grandfather recalls it was about 2:00 A.M.

I had dreams (lucid) for several nights after that where I was a member of a bee colony. I knew I had a role to play and I was indeed a part of a mass conscienceness... Heavy thoughts for a 9 year old... After this episode, I acquired psychic abilities (precognition) which were very accurate.

I believe I may have been abducted, but cannot be certain...

Perhaps there are others who have had similiar happenings, let me know if this is the case.

I saw a noted psychic last year and mentioned I had an episode in Wisconsin in 1966. Without further comment, she stated I was indeed abducted. She said I was one of them (Starseed) and they took me aboard for a checkup. This may be the reason I do not have memory of any painful probing and why I have memories of kind nurturing females (Take it away Freud!)

Anyway... I am glad that I can finally tell this to someone...

Thanks for your time.

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