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W-File: ab1988october.html

Type: Alien Abduction
Date: October 1988
Location: Wisconsin/Illinois border 30 miles from Iowa

Source: Mystical Universe Web Site

Abduction Report as it appeared on the Mystical Universe web site:

Reported By: John - West Chicago, Illinois - July 27, 2000 at 20:07:36
Subject: UFO Sighting - Unexplained Event
Location: Wisconsin/Illinois border 30 Miles from Iowa
Date: Oct 88
Time: 11:00 PM
Additional Information: Border of ILL\WIS about 30 Miles from Iowa
County sighting took place: On the state line road middle of 'no where'
Witnesses: 1
Objects Shape: Unknown
Number of objects: 1 - Object had lights - Object changed colors Object had an Aura or Haze around it - There was interference associated with the object

Event Description:

I am 26 now this happen when I was about 15. I was hunting with my father on the state line road that separates Illinois from Wisconsin. About 30 miles (maybe more) from Iowa. My father and I were trailing a blood trail from a deer I had shot. We were in the middle of a field walking towards a tree line of the woods that surrounded the field. I noticed an almost purplish glowing craft in the air above the middle of the woods, moving slowly to the right. It had gotten to the edge of the woods farthest away from us and was gone. Later while sleeping in the back of the truck. I either had a vivid dream or this really happened? Seems more real than a dream.

I awoke to find those big head big black eyed grays looking in on me through the windows of the truck. The eyes felt like they were piercing right through me. In the back windows and in the sides. I tried to wake up my dad, but he wouldn't wake up. Something made me open the back of the truck and get out? Then everything is kind of fuzzy. I remember them reaching out and touching my hands. It seemed there were shorter ones and taller ones? That's the last thing I remember. I then awoke in the truck but facing the other way than I had originally went to sleep?

My Mom told me also about a time when I was about 3 yrs. old before they had anything of aliens on TV, at least the ones we see now days. Mid 70's..they didn't have that kind of stuff on yet. I woke up screaming that the "Bright men were coming to get me." When I saw my mother in those big lensed 70's style glasses. I screamed for her to get away and I kept screaming "Your eyes, Your eyes." Growing up I also was terrified to see a picture of a gray. There has got to be something out there. This is pressed too deep inside me to be a dream.

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