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W-File: gh2004_0018_Waukesha

Type: No investigation data available at this time.
Date: June 16, 2004
Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin
County: Waukesha

Source: The Online Reporting Form


Details: The following report of ghosts comes in from a twenty-five year old sales person. To be more anonymous we will call her Jessica. She reports that her ghost
experience took place in the city of Waukesha, in Waukesha County. There was cold spots, unexplainable problems with plumbing/electricity, and a
physical attack led her to believe that her home was haunted:


"Hi! My name is Jessica (last name withheld) and in late March 1996 I was vacuuming in my mothers house on Blackhawk Trail in Waukesha, WI around 9:30-10pm. My sister (name withheld) was sitting in the living room where I was cleaning. While I was bent over I happened to look up and into the kitchen which was the very next room and standing about 10 feet from me was the sillohouette (sp. silhouette) of an elderly woman looking straight at me (just got the chills!) Her hair was wrapped back into a bun style and I could tell she had a dress on because at the floor I could see the bottom of it but couldnt (sp. couldn't) see anything from her chest to her ankles. This woman strikingly looked like my own mother, just about 30-40 years older. The woman turned quickly to the left of me and walked towards the window above the sink and dissappeared (sp. disappeared). I jumped so high and my sister told me she has never seen me look that white in her entire life. That's not the end! After the figure dissappeared (sp. disappeared) about 10 minutes later there was this! ticking/dripping noise that kept coming from the upstairs, I tried calling my mom and I couldnt (sp. couldn't) dial out whatsoever, but my sister could if she dialed, the only other people in the house were my 2 and 3 year old brother and sister who were sound asleep.

The next day my mom, my friend (name withheld) and I were sitting in the living room around 2pm and my 3 year old sister was upstairs sleeping. The TV was off  and there were no kids running around outside. Out of no where we hear "Momma!" I thought it was my sister I ran up to check on her, go upstairs and she was sound asleep. Thought nothing of it and went back downstairs and we all thought-"ok that was weird". About 5 minutes later the little girls voice sounded again "MOMMA!" Again I ran upstairs-maybe she was having a bad dream? Got there and again there was nothing-sound asleep 3 year old. Then after I returned back again to the living room, about 10 minutes later there was this scream that sent chills through me I flew up the stairs and found my sister sitting straight up in her bed pointing out the window screaming that a monster was there and that the monster was spanking her. I tried to calm her and told her it was a bad dream and she was crying telling me that the monster ! looked like momma, and it scared her and ran out the window when she screamed.  Odd how this experience with a 3 year old little girl who knew nothing of  what happened the night before is SO similar-for what she saw and what I saw to look like our own mother is even more strange than the fact that we probably saw the same ghost. My mom moved out of that house shortly after and into a new home on (street name withheld) in Waukesha. Simple strange phenomena have followed us and it mostly seemed to happen when I was there. I have moved to Florida now, so far nothing strange. my whole life the unknown has always captured my attention and up until that day my mom and friends thought I was crazy to think anything like that could happen. Guess I proved them wrong, or whoever that ghost was did!

Thanks for reading, post this story wherever you like!
Jessica (last name withheld)


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