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W-File: gh2004_0014_Appleton

Type: No investigation data available at this time.
Date: April 24, 2004
Location: Appleton, Outagamie County.  Wisconsin

Source: The Online Reporting Form


Details: The following ghost report comes in from a twenty-six year old cook.  The sighting takes place in Appleton which is in Outagamie county.  There were witnesses, it was not a one time occurrence, there were unexplainable movements, interactions with ghosts, a time or date patterns, physical attacks, and pets affected all helped lead the witness to believe her house is haunted:



“ my boyfriend went to bed as I stayed in the living room. about 20min later he came out of the bedroom ghost white (pardon the expression) wrapped up in the comforter. He was sound asleep and someone shook him awake he looked up and 6 inches away from his face was a face of a sad girl in her late twentys (sp. twenties). He blew it off rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, then he said the it felt like someone sat on the bed and started to cry, shaking the bed in doing so.

This is not the first incodent (sp. incident), but the first actual sighting.

We will be moving soon so I have been packing boxes, I was in the bathroom getting ready for work, my cat was with me and a box on the kitchen table flew across the room as well as a tupperware (sp. Tupperware) container which hit the opposite wall. she hasent (sp. hasn't) been violent it just seems she is triing (sp. trying) to get our attention, my boyfriend has seen the most as well as my three year old son, who has never mentioned ghosts before staying here, refusing to go to sleep,! because of a ghost (we have never mentioned ghosts around him). other strange things have occured (sp. occurred) since we have moved in jmy keyborard (sp. keyboard) is not typing right i hafve deleted this last sentendce (sp. sentence) four tijmesk (sp. times), and words are dcojming up jumbled, please help this lost soul “



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