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W-File: gh2004_0012_StNazianz

Type: No investigation data available at this time.
Date: April 24, 2004
Location: St. Nazianz School, Manitowoc County.  Wisconsin

Source: The Online Researching


Details:   St. Nazianz is also called JFK prep and rumored by many visitors today to be haunted and full of ghosts.  It is by authors consent reprinted from another message board:


"...I was a student at JFK Prep The Leadership Academy Back in those days people called me Casey, or KC, which are my initials.
It was very sad when Prep closed. We were told this was due to a lack of money. The truth is the funds were low but a family friend who was the lead engineer at Rexnord managed to talk the owners into giving a grant to the school that would keep the doors open long enough for me to graduate next semester. The head of Prep at the time Father Jude declined the offer. The truth is the place started having hauntings, many wierd things started to happen. Nothing bad really, but clearly there were spirits that were not at rest as a result of the school closing. The spirts were good, they liked the students and were upset the school was going to close. My self and [name withheld] were the very last two students to leave the school as my brother [name withheld] was late picking us up. I was the last one to get in the car. The quite and the stillness that I sensed while I gave one last look around is forever imprinted on my memory. It hit me like a ton of bricks "There was no one else around this was the end of an era and I was the last student to leave, no other boy or girl would ever come here to learn again. It was like leaving a funeral. That was the first time I actually noticed what so many people in later years refered to as a strange feeling. I'm not refereing to the spirits either, something else, an essence of sorts had made its existance known to me. School was closed and I had to go on.

Immediately I went and got a GED and enrolled in [name withheld], run by the Nuns who had some affiliation with the [name withheld]. I got tired of the snow and moved to Florida where I currently reside. Many years later [name withheld] sister was geting married. I came back to Wisconsin and we made a trip upto the old school, it was still in pretty good condition. There were messages on the black board from other students when they had come to visit over the years. I added one. I'd have to say the weirdest thing was going back to my locker. I walked up to it, pulled the handle looked in side and almost had a heart attack! There was a bunch of my stuff from high school still siting in there undisturbed after all these years. I was totally freaking out! When the school closed I packed up my stuff and was so upset I completely forget to empty my locker out, and now here was a bunch of my stuff that had been sitting here patiently waiting on my return. My tennis shoes, Moors Jersy (that was the name of our team), books, homework, a jar of peanutbutter and other junk. Then something even more bizarre happened. I can't explain it but every thing in there sort of looked old and dingy, but then it was almost like my stuff knew it was me standing there and within a split second every thing in my locker got brighter and new looking. It was like my stuff knew it was me and was glad to see me and was radiant. Nothing was dusty or smelly or rotten, every thing was in pretty good shape considering it had been sitting in there for years. Then suddenly this sort of essence that was me when I was 17 that had been stored in this locker clinging to my stuff sort of jumped off of my stuff and on to me and I felt 17 again, I also felt that same feeling I had felt when I was leaving the school that day the school closed, then slowly the feelings drifted away gently. I took my stuff out of the locker and have it here with me. Now it looks like it has been around a while and all the brightens and newness is gone.

The grounds have hundreds of these essences such as the one of me that I described which is what gives the place its magical qualities that every one feels when they are there. JFK was not just a school, but it was a place where many people did a lot of their spiritual growth and that is somehow encoded there. Now when people go there it is very noticeable because there are no distractions or people around. They sense this but don't understand it and can't put it into words. Its been 20 years and still to this day people will tell me I some how seem familiar to them, almost every time it is discovered that they had some contact with people that had attended the school and the essance that is upon me that came from attending this awsome school is recognisable and is on other people that went to the school.

If you go there and you have even a thimblefull of spirituality in you the essances and the spirits will make them selves known to you, if you are respectifull and sinceer. If you are a jerk the spirits will give you a hard time, they have always pointed out and messed with jerks, the jerks were always the onse that had scarry haunted things happen to them, they were always kind and gentil to me. the essances, which one is of my teenage self are nothing more than mirror images of people that went there that made contact with the spirits and their own spirituality. It sounds wierd but think of it this way: I used to be a child then a teenager and now an adult. When I grew and changed something, was shed off and left behind, kind of like when a caterpiller makes a cocoon and becomes a butterfly, the cocoon is left behind and the buterfly takes off. So what you will find is the essance of my teenhood, it isn't me persay , but used to be a part of me. And that is the real magic and mystery and the secret of this awsome place, and why it is so sad that is closed now.

Now of course a cocoon would eventually dry up and turn to dust and be absorbed into the food chain, and that is the same concept behind what happens to an essance, it breaks down and is absorbed, so most of the time you don't even know they exist. But that is what is sos special about this place, the spirits some how maintain the essances and you can go there and run right in to them, including mine which actuially happened to me. I Knowthis sounds kind of out there, but then consider that Nun that is burried it the glass casket and her courpse never deteriorated. So now you know the real story of SDS JFK Prep.

If you Know of some one that is buying or other wise affiliated with this school please have them contact me as there is something they need to know that is not appropriate to type here and the general public is not aware of.

With kind regards, Kevin The last Prepie to leave his essance behind but yet it still exhists."


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