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W-File: gh2004_0011_Onalaska

Type: No investigation data available at this time.
Date: April 18, 2004
Location: Onalaska, La Crosse County.  Wisconsin

Source: The Online Reporting Form


Details: This haunted house report comes in from a young man in Onalaska.  It is in La Crosse County,
right on the Mississippi and reportedly full of ghosts.


"I hope this doesn't sound silly, but both my brother and myself have both had ghostly experiences in our mom and dads' house in Onalaska, just north of LaCrosse. I believe in ghosts, my brother believes in ghosts, but the only thing we really can't understnd is why there would be ghosts in a house that's only about ten years old. It all started when my brother was downstairs changing the kitty litter, when he heard someone speak his name very clearly and calmly right over his shoulder. He said he froze for a few seconds, then took off and bolted up the stairs. He told me about this the same day it ocurred. My buddies and I all teased him, but he didn't think it was funny at all. He, to this day (four years later), refuses to go down there alone. This even after my folks have lived there for only five years. So the first thing would've happened right after moving in. Then, my mom started asking things like if we had seen or heard anything weird. I hadn't seen anything at this point, but this is when my brother finally told her his experience. Then, I started to have horrible nightmares. Imean (sp. I mean) I was having some wicked nightmares every night. I started to hear strange noises when alone in the house at all times of day (i.e. clicking, scrapind (sp. scarping), popping, sounds in the wall, etc.). The sounds were sometimes as if they were coming out of thin air all around me. To put the icing on the cake, I was in the bed I usually slept in and was just nodding off, when all of a sudden there were small hands pinching my arms. I mean not lightly either. This scared the living hell out of me. I woke up paralized(sp. paralyzed) with fear and looked across the room towards the door where, from the moonlight through the window, I could see the form of a little boy. I wanted to yell out, but seriously couldn't. It was the single suckiest moment in this house. The only thing I could do was close my eyes as tightly as possible. I layed there for six hours straight until the sun came up. I honestly couldn't go back in that house for about a week, but even then almost never alone. since then my brother and I have went on our ways, myself to Minneapolis and my brother to Madison. We have never had an experience since then. I can do target practice with my old bb gun downstairs without incident, aside from the occasional near-eye-removal.

My dad has never had an experience...”  

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